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Our Favorites On Sale! Our Amazon Prime Day 2023 Picks

By Franki Hanke

It’s finally here! The biggest sale event on everyone’s favorite shopping platform: Amazon Prime Day 2023! You already turn to Amazon for everything you need, but now you can find our favorites at their lowest price of the season during this limited-time event. 

To kick off your Prime early access sale shopping, we’ve found some of our favorites we’ve already recommended to you before that now have discounts. Here are the best early Prime Day deals on our past recommendations. 

What is Prime Day? 

Prime Day is an exclusive sales event for Amazon Prime members. The event peaks during a two-day window on Tuesday, July 11 and Wednesday, July 12, but early Prime Day deals have already started ahead of Prime Day. It’s a bit like a summertime Black Friday. Retailers across all categories have discounts, but Amazon’s own products often see the best price cuts. 

During the deals event, watch for lightning deals that have a higher discount and shorter discount period. Follow our social media for deal alerts throughout the Prime Day sales. 

Only Prime members can shop for Amazon Prime Day deals, so if you’re not already an Amazon Prime member, it’s the perfect time to start an Amazon Prime membership. Be sure to explore all the Prime membership benefits before your trial period ends. 


Foreo facial cleaner is on sale 50% off for Amazon Prime Day 2023.

Foreo Luna 350% Off

Featured in Exfoliation for Bright, Even Skin at Any Age, the Foreo is a long-lasting reusable tool that can gently exfoliate your face without needing any chemicals or harsh abrasives. 

The Foreo Luna 3 is their largest facial cleansing brush for an easier time covering your entire face, and it features a textured backside for massaging fine lines for improved skin texture. Its body is entirely silicone for a cleaner surface compared to fabric materials which gather bacteria. Plus, it’s USB rechargeable with a long battery life. 

Reviewers Say: 

“I am 60 years old, and while they say Black don’t crack, it does get dull, big pores, uneven looking and dull … In the morning I checked my face after I did some other things first. After all, it is just a new face brush, it couldn’t be anything groundbreaking. When I looked in the mirror I was pleasantly surprised, my skin was beautiful. It looked like I did a photographic beauty filter on my face, but it was real. I couldn’t believe it, even my husband noticed, which says a lot. My skin looks very smooth, my slight lines from my nose to my mouth disappeared and my skin appears to have plumped up a lot. I am very pleased with this face brush. I like the color, I like the fact that you don’t have to charge it all the time and that it is waterproof. I also like the massage feature, it is relaxing. This is one of the best purchases I have made for my face. My skin now has a glow to it.”

Foreo Luna 3 is one of Amazon’s invite-only deals. You’ll have to request an invitation and cross your fingers that you’re one of the lucky ones selected to use the coupon link to shop during the Prime Day event. Make sure you’re logged into your Prime Account to request the invite. 

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Baby Foot exfoliating foot peel is an intensely effective foot exfoliator.

Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot PeelUpcoming Deal

Featured in Exfoliation for Bright, Even Skin at Any Age, the Baby Foot Peel is an intense treatment for when your feet need a serious fix. It sloughs off built-up callouses and dead skin over the course of a week to reveal smooth, fresh feet at the end of the treatment period. 

This treatment is ideal ahead of a trip or event but plan accordingly because you’ll need one to two weeks before your feet need to be out when you’ll want to keep socks on and feet covered.

Reviewers Say:

“This product is a little more expensive than other brands out there, but none of them work as well as Baby Foot. At first, you might think it’s not working because nothing happens for the first few days. THEN you get that delightfully gross peeling skin coming off your feet!”

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One of our affordable favorite eye creams is even cheaper for Amazon Prime Day 2023.

RoC Multi Correxion Eye Cream – 37% Off

Featured in 23 Best Anti-Aging Eye Creams For De-Puffing, Firming, and Brightening!, RoC’s Multi Correxion Eye Cream is our favorite budget pick for eye creams, and now it’s even cheaper. 

Combining soothing and hydrating glycerin and gluconates with antioxidants and amino acids, this eye cream rehydrates your under-eye. 

Reviewers Say: 

“This stuff works. I look significantly less tired when I look in the mirror and I’ve been using little to no makeup to cover things up because it makes me feel so much better about my appearance.” 

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Paula's Choice Liquid Exfoliant is 9% off as an early Prime deal.

Paula’s Choice Liquid Exfoliant – 9% Off

Featured in Improve Your Beauty Sleep: A Better Nighttime Skin Routine, Paula’s Choice Liquid Exfoliator is a long-standing favorite for an exfoliating toner. Salicylic acid targets dead skin cells to gently remove and brighten skin. 

With over 85,000 reviews on Amazon alone, we’re not the only ones who love this product though I do use this daily myself (and have a backup bottle already on hand). 

Reviewers Say: 

“What sets this exfoliant apart is its lightweight and non-irritating formula. It absorbs quickly into the skin without any sticky or greasy residue. It’s also fragrance-free, which is great for sensitive skin like mine. I’ve experienced no redness or irritation while using this product, even with regular use.”

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Technology & Gadgets

This handy, portable bluetooth speaker is on sale for 17% off in the Prime sales.

Bose Soundlink Micro Bluetooth Speaker – 17% Off

Featured in 10 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts, this Bose Bluetooth speaker is a must-have for everyone. It’s portable and waterproof but still pumps out sound quality like a much bulkier speaker would. I’ve had one for over two years and continue to use it daily everywhere from the shower to the backyard. 

While the Amazon Prime Day 2023 sale is only giving you 17% off, which isn’t a huge discount, it’s a top-tier project, so getting any discount from the price tag is a good deal. 

Reviewers Say: 

“The Bose SoundLink Micro is far and away the best small speaker I’ve used yet. I’ve library in your suitcase. The warm-light effect is gentle on your eyes whether you’re on a dark used countless no-name brand speakers and other brand name speakers (and countless ~20-30 dollar ‘waterproof’ speakers on Amazon) and this one absolutely blows those away.”

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In a convenient bundle of accessories, Kindle Paperwhite is 37% off for Amazon Prime Day 2023.

Kindle Paperwhite – 37% Off

Featured in 15 Mother-Daughter Trip Packing Essentials, as one of Emma’s travel essentials, Kindle Paperwhite is an e-reader that lets you bring your entire plane or a sunny beach. 

The current Prime Day deal is 37% off of a Kindle Paperwhite bundle with WiFi, a leather cover, and a wireless charging dock. 

Reviewers Say:

“As an ardent book lover, I must admit that I was initially skeptical about transitioning from traditional books to an e-reader. However, the Kindle Paperwhite has completely changed my perspective and taken my reading experience to new heights. With its exceptional features, impressive display, and unparalleled convenience, the Kindle Paperwhite has become an irreplaceable companion for all my literary adventures. Allow me to share my enthusiasm and why I consider it an outstanding device for book enthusiasts.”

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Amazon's own devices are some of their steepest discounts for Prime Day 2023.

Amazon Echo Speaker – 52% Off

Featured in The Best Tech for Schooling Your Home if you’re building a smart home with a Nest hub system, Amazon’s speaker system is your key to having access to your virtual personal assistant Alexa and your favorite music all over your home. We know from last year that Prime Day is always the time to grab Amazon devices at their highest discounts. 

If you prefer to use Apple devices, don’t mix systems, it can make it more complicated to connect devices. 

However, if you do use Amazon devices, now’s the time to add any speakers you need. The Echo Dot’s newest model is 52% off while the Echo Plus’s newest model “Echo Studio” is 28% off. 

Reviewers Say:

“I own every generation of Echo Dot and I must say the sound quality of this generation is a major upgrade. My speakers in home theater mode now sound like true surround sound, when before it was just like pulling up to the speaker at the drive-in, tinny and loud, and not much better than the TV’s onboard speakers. You really hear the difference now.”

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Didn’t find the deal you were looking for? Amazon has hundreds of items on sale for Amazon Prime Day 2023 from Amazon Fire TV Omni smart tv to Samsung Galaxy laptops to iRobot robot vacuums, but this article is just our top picks from products we’ve shared with you before!

We’re rounding up more of the best Prime Day deals now until the sale peters out. If you want to shop for the best Amazon deals available, follow our social media and read our other articles about the best early deals. This sale event will fly past, don’t miss out. 

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If you’re not already a Prime member, don’t miss out on the exclusive deals during Amazon Prime Day 2023. Sign up for a free 30-day trial to try out the Prime membership perks. 

Turn on notifications and closely watch any items on your wishlist. Some of these Amazon Prime Day 2023 shopping event sales end fast. Be warned, any deals you save for later might sell out, so snag things fast. The best deals will run from July 11 at 3 a.m. EDT through July 12 during the Prime Day shopping event. 

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