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10 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Woman surprising her father for Father's Day with a hug and gift.

By Franki Hanke

Yesterday it was Mother’s Day, and suddenly it’s mid-June and Father’s Day is here. I know, time flies when you’re busy living life. Don’t worry, there’s still time to order a last-minute Father’s Day gift from Amazon Prime that he’ll actually like. 

Father’s Day this year is Sunday, June 18 so don’t wait to order the perfect gift for the new dads, grandfathers, and stepdads in your life. Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping is here to save the day, but it won’t help you Sunday morning! 

Best Father’s Day Gifts for 2023

Gadget Gifts

Our first pick for Father's Day gift is Bose SoundLink Micro, a portable black speaker.

Bose SoundLink Micro

I’ve owned this exact speaker for over two years, and it’s a stellar product. For a portable Bluetooth speaker, the sound payoff is great, but it’s still under $100. The best part? It’s waterproof with a convenient strap so it can ride on a belt to the far edges of the yard, into the shower, or down a river while playing his favorite Rock playlist from the 80s. 

Reviewers Say:

“The Bose SoundLink Micro is far and away the best small speaker I’ve used yet. I’ve used countless no-name brand speakers and other brand name speakers (and countless ~20-30 dollar ‘waterproof’ speakers on Amazon) and this one absolutely blows those away.” 

Buy on Amazon

If you’re shopping really last minute, you may be able to pick up the Bose SoundLink Micro at your local Best Buy. Check stock online. 

A black, smart jump rope that will count your jumps.

Tangram Smart Jump Rope

For the fitness dad in your life, this smart jump rope has earned our recommendation before. It’s a lightweight, small addition to their workout, but is convenient cardio for anywhere. 

If they travel while maintaining a fitness routine, it’s the perfect gift that adds no additional bulk to their bag. It will sync via Bluetooth and track jump counts for guided workouts. 

Reviewers Say:

“I love jumping rope. Makes me feel like a kid while I am also getting a good workout. The app is freaking awesome. It tracks everything for you and there is even an interval training section where they challenge you to different interval training workouts. For the competitive peeps out there you can challenge your friends to a duel.”

Buy on Amazon

Food Gifts

For foodie dads, I suggest the popular Bachan barbecue sauces which come in convenient squeezy bottles.

Bachan’s Japanese Barbecue Sauce

For the dad who loves to BBQ, these trending sauces are the perfect introduction to his new favorite brand. The brand borrows Japanese slang (“Bachan”) to honor the founder’s grandma Judy Yokoyama as they use her family recipe.

“My grandma (bachan) Judy Yokoyama is the legacy holder of the family recipe having passed it down to my mom, dad, and myself. Growing up, she used to cook for me and my family all of the time. She lived on the same property as us, so we would eat a lot of meals with her and my grandfather,” said the founder Justin Gill in an interview with Kathryn Reed for North Bay Business Journal. 

Reviews have been singing this best-selling sauce’s praises on Amazon, across social media, and even the media circuit. Insider Review’s Rachael Shultz says it’s the only bottled, pre-made sauce her chef boyfriend will use (over generally making his own from scratch)! 

Gift the gift set trio to try a range of the Bachan flavors. 

Reviewers Say: 

“I really love this product ever since I purchased the original flavor over a year ago. I recommend this 3-pack to share to give everyone a sense of variety. I recommend starting off to anybody uninitiated to Bachan’s sauce the original so that they have a true baseline of how much quality this product truly is.”

Buy on Amazon

If you’re shopping really last minute, you may find this sauce at your local Walmart or grocery retailer

Pink House Alchemy Coffee & Cocktail Syrups

For the DIY coffee guy, these small-batch simple syrups are the perfect elevation of his daily cup. Founded on a base of culinary education and food science, Arizona-based small business Pink House Alchemy creates syrups and mixers for coffee and cocktails alike. 

For an all-around crowd pleaser, their signature pH Delight blends the flavors of honey, vanilla, and cinnamon for an easy at-home miel. For a bundle of classic coffee flavors, opt for their gift set with Vanilla Bean, Hazelnut, and Cardamon. If you’re gifting to a bartender and not a barista, skip the bottle opener and opt for one of their other syrups. I used their Winter Mint at a hot cocoa bar last Christmas season with great success, so don’t be afraid to gift them to any kind of mixologist. 

Reviewers Say:

“Pink House Alchemy is known for its great syrups but pH Delight is at the top of the list. It may be a little more expensive than what you can find at the supermarket, but that’s because of the quality ingredients.”

“This has to be the best syrup out there. Does not taste artificial at all and is made with real ingredients.” 

Buy on Amazon: pH Delight | Gift Set

Functional Gifts

A handy roll-top camping table is perfect for outdoorsy dads.

Coleman Roll-Top Camping Table

For the outdoorsy dad, this multi-functional table might be just the accessory he’s overlooked for his camp kit or grill set-up. Featuring a lightweight, aluminum body, this Coleman table packs down to easy portability to any outside event, but pops up within minutes to add a raised surface during any activity. 

Reviewers Say:

“This is a champ of a table. It folds down compact enough to toss on the back of the motorcycle and the bag it comes in is heavy so it does not get shredded at 80mph.”

Buy on Amazon

Fashion Gifts

A easy Father's Day gift for dad's of any style.

State Cashmere Polo

A timeless sweater is upgraded with a subtle button-up detail in this 100% cashmere polo. Cashmere is a transitional fabric that’s warm in the cold, but lightweight as it warms up. It’s perfect for cooler summer nights. Choose between five classic colors to fit his wardrobe. 

Founded in New York in 2017, State gets its cashmere from Inner Mongolia with direct relationships with their shepherds to keep the price of cashmere accessible and to pay their shepherds with a larger cut of the profit. 

Reviewers Say:

“This was purchased for my 89-year-old Father who is quite difficult to please, except when it comes to this jumper… I WILL be ordering it in more colors for Father’s Day.” That’s a good idea! 

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A lightweight, Down vest from Eddie Bauer that's a perfect Father's Day gift.

Eddie Bauer CirrusLite Down Vest

An absolute classic for the outdoorsman, Eddie Bauer’s CirrusLite down vest has been around for years. I’ve gifted this myself to several men in my life with rave reports back. 

It’s lightweight to wear with subtly warm down filling. The vest is ideal for transitional seasons for that extra layer in the evenings as it has a light level of warmth. Plus, it packs down small for travel and repels moisture. 

Reviewers Say: 

“I use this vest often. Either by itself or with a light jacket in moderate weather or with a heavy jacket during colder weather. This is my second one, [and I’m] very pleased with its versatility.” 

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One of the best gifts for dads who own everything already is an upgrade for something they already own.  It cuts down on the stress of picking out a new gadget, and ensures they’ll use it! 

A stylish Apple Watch band available in three colors shown in it's dark brown leather option.

New Apple Watch Band

If your giftee already wears an Apple Watch, pick out an upgrade he can easily swap out. 

This leather strap features sleek, durable hardware for an everyday style that can transition from the office to an outing. Choose between three shades of leather to match his daily wear belt. 

Reviewers Say: 

“The best part of this band is the durability. Over the past year, I have worn this band every day and it is showing no signs of wearing out! Still in like new condition, which surprises me because I travel for work, hike, and weekend handyman around the house.”

Buy on Amazon

A retractable garden hose that will protect dad's back.

Retractable Garden Hose

If your giftee is still wrestling with a manual hose winder, change his life. This Giraffe Tools retractable garden hose comes in a range of hose lengths for any size garden or yard. The wall-mounted system will slowly reel your hose back in without any back-breaking winding or bending. The bracket allows it to swivel too, so as he works, it doesn’t tangle or catch across as often. 

If you’re not sure about the hose length he needs, opt for a longer hose. It just increases versatility without adding any hassle. 

Reviewers Say: 

“My house sits on a half acre and I have a pool in my backyard that’s around 100ft from my house for YEARS! we used heavy-duty hoses they all ended up kicking and basically being a waste of money and time.

This hose tho! Wowzers I got the 130ft hose, and it was super easy to install and works great! No kinks in the line no tangled messes the hose stops on its own AND recoils on its own with one quick tug.

My father-in-law was over when I installed it and he ended up buying one for himself after seeing mine in action.” See! Dad approved! 

Buy on Amazon

Non-Physical Gifts

When time is short, non-physical gifts are logistically smart AND less wasteful for the guy that already has everything. 

Our favorite clutter-free e-gift is a gift subscription to Masterclass. Unlike a generic gift card, a Masterclass gift can come with a recommendation for the class you think he’d like, saving some of the thought-part that matters when gifting. With over 180 classes, there’s a Father’s Day gift idea for every kind of guy. 

For the foodie who cooks, there are a dozen cooking classes with household names like Gordon Ramsay and Thomas Keller. For the grill master, Thomas Keller’s second class touches on grilling meats. Pair his subscription with a new accessory from Home Depot, and he’ll be at the grill that afternoon! The best part? You’ll reap the rewards of all those kitchen techniques he learns. What a great gift… 

For the dad jokes master, show him the comedy classes with Steve Martin and Judd Apatow and tell him you expect real zingers next time he roasts someone. 

This isn’t our first time talking about MasterClass! For the businessman, we’ve curated all our favorite business strategy classes before in Best MasterClasses for a Business Owner. Pick the best fit and mention it when gifting.  

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