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What to Wear Over a Swimsuit

By Franki Hanke

Spring kicks off the swim season, and I’m itching to plunge into a river as soon as the water doesn’t freeze me to a popsicle, but water that’s just bearable to swim in leaves you freezing once you’re drying off. Instead of shivering in a towel, use these unique cover-ups to wear over a wet swimsuit to stay warm (and cute) until you’re drier. 

If you’re still hunting for a modest bathing suit, read last year’s 8 Best Swimsuits with Full Coverage Butts. 

Ultimately any swimsuit coverup you wear over a wet swimsuit will get wet from that held water, so with any of these solutions, you’ll eventually need to change! If you wear a layered swimsuit like swim trunks over a bikini bottom or a rash guard over a bikini top, remove as many layers of the swimsuit before adding your cover-up to minimize the water against your body! 


If you’re looking to transition wet swimwear into a casual lunch without time to dry, you need a fashionable cover-up that can absorb water. Pair with your cutest flip-flops and you’re ready for a lakeside lunch! 

Boden Toweling Set

In a cotton-polyester blend, Boden’s toweling fabric will absorb water while looking like a normal outfit. Mix and match a few colors of shorts, ruffled-sleeve t-shirt, and zip-up hoodie into your preferred post-swim set. 

A navy-striped set made of Boden's toweling fabric is ideal to wear over a wet swimsuit.
Boden's colorful pieces can be mixed and matched into your beach cover-up.

For a classic look, go for the navy-striped set, but for a bit more flair, lean into the colorful offerings including a matching hoodie for added warmth. 

Shop the Outfit: Ruffle-Sleeve Top | Shorts | Zip-Up Hoodie

Cotton terry fabric is a popular choice for a beach cover-up due to cotton's absorbency.

Ann Taylor Cotton Terry

Using 100% cotton, Ann Taylor’s terry fabric is absorbent and warm, though it will draw moisture from your suit and eventually need to be dried itself. 

Available in a few colors and sizes XXS to XXL, you can mix and match to make your perfect beach cover. 

Shop the Outfit: See All | Pants (Ivory) | Zip-Up (Ivory) | Shorts (Ivory) 


If you’re focused on insulating yourself from a chill while boating, between rounds of a water sport, or poolside, opt for these coat-like cover-ups that insulate over your wet swimsuit. 

Used by lap swimmers, Speedo's aquatic robe is designed to be worn over a wet swimsuit.

Speedo Hooded Aquatic Robe

Used by many lap swimmers, this pull-on cover-up is easy to get on and off with wet skin–unlike board shorts! It features long sleeves and a zip front. As a bonus, Speedo’s UPF protection helps your sunscreen protect from sunburn. 

Buy on Amazon

As an alternative to Speedo's limited options, L.L.Bean offers a similiar tunic-style cover-up with more sizes and colors.

L.L.Bean Beach Tunic

Available in more sizes (up to 3X) and colors than the Speedo option, L.L.Bean’s tunic-style cover-up offers the same UPF protection with lighter insulation. 

Shop on L.L.Bean 

A jumpsuit as a cover-up protects against any friction and chafing.

Eddie Bauer Jumpsuit

If you experience any chafing on your thighs with one-piece options like sarong, caftan, or maxi dress cover-ups, especially once wet, this is the better cover-up for you! With a loose fit, it’s easy enough to slip over damp skin, but the pant legs protect your skin from any friction. 

Quick-drying fabric and moisture-wicking keep you comfortable even with a wet suit underneath. 

Shop on Eddie Bauer

Alternatively, get out of your wet swimsuit!

If you’re done swimming for the day, it’s always best to get out of your swimsuit as soon as possible to prevent any pool chemicals from sitting against your skin and to let your skin dry evenly. If possible, use one of these helpful products to allow you to change into loose-fitting, comfortable clothes without your wet swimsuit underneath. 

Wetsuit Changing Mat

Designed for surfers changing out of their wetsuits in the parking lot, this changing mat is functional for beaches, locker rooms, and anywhere else. The mat itself protects your feet and suit from the ground while you change, and then the bag itself scrunches with a drawstring top into a wet bag to keep your wet suit from soaking your car. 

If you pair their changing mat with a surf poncho you can easily cover yourself even if you’re changing into dry clothes in the middle of a parking lot. 

Shop the Wetsuit Changing Mat & Surf Poncho on Amazon

A dry bag protects your other items from your wet swimsuit.

Kanga Wet Bag

If you’ll have access to a changing facility, keep it simple and packable with a dry bag that can get your wet bathing suit home without soaking anything else in your beach bag. Kanga Care, designed for transporting diapers, keeps water and that chlorine smell locked inside. 

Shop on Target

Whatever you wear over your wet swimsuit, remember to re-apply your sunscreen and enjoy the rest of your day. Even a little chill shouldn’t be enough to stop you!

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