Woman watching holiday romantic comedies on her laptop on couch.

Best Christmastime Romantic Comedies

Just what girl’s night needed!
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10 Best Road Trip Planner Apps to Download Before You Hit the Road

Plan your next road trip empowered by your iPhone and these travel apps.
Couple on an ice rink in New York are celebrating Valentine's Day in Manhattan and holding hands.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Manhattan

It’s time to wear red and have some fun!
Grapes growing in a vineyard.

Falling in Love with Napa Valley’s Countryside through a Winery

Seattle transplant, David Sinegal fell in love with the countryside with a winery.
Woman having an 8-minute phone call to boost happiness in 2023.

6 Ways to Be Happier in Under 10 Minutes

This year, dedicate an hour a day to being happier.
Winemaker of Etude Wines rides a horse along the vineyard.

The Man Behind the Bottle

Meet the Winemaker of Etude Wines.
Woman laying in bed preparing to sleep.

How to Survive the Day After a Bad Night’s Sleep 

Eight tips for making the best of the next day after a sleepless night

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