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16 Valentine’s Gifts for Men

A couple exchanges gifts for Valentine's Day.

By Franki Hanke

We’ve just recovered from December holiday shopping, but Valentine’s Day is right around the corner already. To help in your hunt for thoughtful gifts for your favorite guy, I’ve rounded up 16 Valentines’ gifts for men including cards! 

Remember, all dudes are unique. These ideas won’t represent every guy. 

Valentines Cards

A heartfelt card is always a great gift, but it can also be a useful backdrop to outline your date night plan if the real gift is the planning you did! 

Along with Valentines gifts for men, you need cards too.

I’d Stay Up for You Card

Call out your priorities with this card illustrated by Lauren out of Buffalo, New York. 

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A fun enough card can be a valentines gift for men on its own.

Game Cartridge Card

Evoke the nostalgia of their favorite childhood game with this 3D game card. Choose from a variety of games from Super Mario to Pokemon! Set him up to display it with the matching docking station stand. 

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This interactive electronic card is a game and card in one.

Electronic Display Card

Once the battery is inserted, this unique card displays a custom message across its screen. Pick if yours plays a song, runs a Love-O-Meter, or boots a secret video game. 

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For the right Valentines card for your guy, reference their interests.

UFO Believer Card

Spin their love of science fiction into a romantic

reminder for the holiday with Liz Pavlovic’s illustrated card. 

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If your cat is the center of your relationship, your Valentine's card should reference your cat.

I Loaf You Card

If your cat(s) are your main topic of conversation, gift them the cutest reminder hand-painted and printed by one-woman venture Liana Studio. 

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Love the Way You Load Card

Show some love to their domestic side with this card calling out their dishwasher Tetris skills. 

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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Now, to the main event, unique gift ideas for your man this Valentine’s Day. 


Mejuri Chain Bracelet

Jewelry is a traditional gift for Valentine’s Day, and there’s no reason to leave that on-sided. This simple, classic chain is an easy first piece for someone who hasn’t accessorized yet or a staple add-in to an existing stack. 

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Cashmere Loungewear

Treat your favorite homebody to the best cuddlewear for lounging together. Naadam’s ultra-soft, Mongolian cashmere makes for ultra-soft cuddling available in joggers, pullover hoodies, and t-shirts. 

For the frequent traveler, these are the perfect plane outfit! 

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Saxx creates boxer briefs for men in soft, comfortable fabrics.
SAXX Boxer Briefs

Balance the line between useful and exciting with an upgraded pair of underwear. SAXX boasts supremely comfy boxers with a specialized internal pouch. Choose from a fun pattern or go for the Valentine’s Day red. 

Spice it up by wearing them into the bedroom.

Buy now on SAXX: Pickleball or Classic Red


One of our suggestions for a sexy gift, a new fragrance can be a flirtatious gift. Pair your scent selection with an intentional note to wear it tonight. A travel size can be easier on your budget, fit in their toiletry bag, and be a good trial for a new scent.

Choose a scent known for being sensual and seductive. 

Santal 33 Eau de Parfum 

Rich & woody with Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Cardamon, Iris, Violet, Leather, and Musk 

Armani My Way Eau de Parfum

Floral & bright with Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Tuberose, Jasmine, Vanilla, and Musk

Versace Eros Eau de Toilette 

Fresh & spicy with Mint Leaves, Orange Blossom, and Vanilla Madagascar 

Replica Jazz Club Eau de Toilette

Warm & woody with Pink Pepper, Rum, Vanilla, and Tobacco Leaf.


While dinner out is just what the foodie wants, you can still find a little something to wrap up. 
Honey & Co is one of the best cookbooks I used last year with a blue cover and yellow spine.
Honey & Co Cookbook

Written by husband and wife cooks Itamar Srulovich and Sarit Packer with recipes from their London restaurant, this cookbook was a personal favorite read last year with delicious recipes and personal stories behind each one. For the home chef enthusiast, it’s an easy cookbook to dive into with a range of recipes. 

Turn the book into an at-home date night by pre-buying key ingredients for a recipe or two. Some essentials you may not have on hand include: 

If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend the sofrito! 

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Fine, flavored olive oil pairs with fresh cheese as a lovely shared snack.
Olive Oil

For the home chef, a fine olive oil is always a treat. If you’re cozying up together at home, a fresh burrata drizzled with olive oil is a luxe appetizer fit for two. Rancho Azul Y Oro’s oil is an award-winning, fine-flavored oil. 

Buy now on Etsy: Lemon

New coffee to try is a fun, easy to use gift for the espresso lover.

Coffee Beans

For the espresso aficionado, a new roast to try is a fun novelty that fits into their daily routine. Coffee beans are especially sweet if coffee is part of your routine together. Order a variety from American roasters to DIY a diverse sampler. 

If they don’t have one already, pair your beans with a Fellow vacuum coffee canister to store extra beans to keep them fresh. 


If you didn’t gift all their saved tech gifts, Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to snag their wishlist items. 

Travel Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

Seamlessly (cordlessly) connect Bluetooth Airpods to even wire-only airplane screens with this handy carry-on must-have. It plugs into the jack and transmits audio to your Bluetooth-only items. Off planes, it can be used on boats or other vehicles that may have the same restrictions. 

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Valentine’s Day is best spent together, so instead of a traditional wrapped gift, opt for something that will enhance your evening together, like wine. Use Drizly to order something from a local liquor store for delivery. 

Choose a wine that you’d both be excited to try, remember sharing previously, or go for one of the region’s best sellers! 


Don’t be afraid to give a man flowers! It can be an unexpected, surprisingly perfect gift for a man to receive flowers since they so often don’t! If you’re apprehensive, opt for bolder, less traditional colors and flowers for a less traditionally “feminine” appearance in your bouquet. 

Flowers may be an unconventional Valentines gift for men, but they shouldn't be!
Urban Stems Catalina

Featuring resilient Queen Protea flowers, modern Eucalyptus stems, and pigmented Leucadendron buds, this bouquet is in a deeper palette for a non-traditional look. 

Order now on Urban Stems

Paper flowers look stunning, but require no care!
Crepe Paper Florals

Take the non-traditional approach a step further with paper-crafted flowers. These don’t require the care of normal, fresh flowers and last forever in their decor. 

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Flowers don't have to be fresh to be fun. LEGO's flower sets provide an activity too.
Lego Flowers

The best Valentine’s Day gift may be the chance to play! An appropriately-themed floral LEGO gift set is an activity and gift in one. 

If your favorite man would rather have a Star Wars-themed set than a floral arrangement, don’t be afraid to stray from the Valentine’s Day theme, just pick a gift they’ll love! 

Buy now on Amazon: Roses or Botanical Bouquet

Edible Valentine’s Gifts for Men

If you’re still reeling from the influx of stuff during December, keep Valentine’s Day simpler with an edible gift. If you’re currently long-distance, ship them directly! 

Print a custom message on a piece of beef jerky for a unique card replacement.

Meat Card – Beef Jerky Greeting Card

Sneak an extra treat into your partner’s lunch bag with this laser-engraved slice of beef jerky printed with your custom message. This is perfect for the guy who doesn’t save cards because he’ll eat it instead! 

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Television-themed cookies reference their favorite show.

Television Themed Cookie Set

Call back to their favorite show with this heart-shaped cookie pairing. If The Office or You isn’t your show of choice, there are sets for various other shows too including Ted Lasso (Roy Kent or Ted himself), Wednesday, and Schitts Creek

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Decorated sugar cookies are delicious and provide a sweet message.

Nice Buns Cookie Set

Send a sweet message without needing a card with this cookie set that says it all on its own: nice buns. 

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Edible Valentines gifts for men are fun--especially when they double as a card.

I Love You Donuts

Baked and shipped from my old hometown, Angel Food Bakery’s best-seller letter donuts spell out the perfect message. If these donuts aren’t the fit, browse Goldbelly’s other products. I recommend finding a spot shipping out from their hometown for that nostalgia call back. 

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If you’re still searching, find more ideas in our previous gift guides. 

Turn up the heat with 20+ sexy gifts or search by category with gift ideas by interest like grilling and traveling.

Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day together or your twentieth, it’s an opportunity to show a little extra love with a thoughtful gift. I hope these Valentine’s Day gift ideas helped you find just the thing for your sweet thing

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