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Best Stationery for a Productive 2024

Three different 2024 planners on a pink graphic background.

By Franki Hanke

While the perfect 2024 planner won’t magically make your resolutions happen, the right tools can inspire and guide you as you pursue your goals. 

An academic planner is dated from July/August/September of 2023 through the year 2024 to follow the academic calendar of universities and schools. If you’re starting a new planner for 2024, you likely want a calendar year planner that starts in January 2024 and ends in December 2024. 

2024 Planners

The best planners for each person differ, so find our breakdown below of the best 2024 planners to choose between for every preference. 

A gold-edged 2024 planner features abstract florals.

Idle Wild Co Weekly-Monthly Spiral Planner

$29 USD

Spiral bound for a flat lay, this daily planner features a hardcover useful for writing off-desk. Each day has a dedicated space for flexible planning. The planner comes with three sheets of planner stickers. 


My personal buy for a daily planner for two years now, Idle Wild Co’s spiral bound planner is a mid-size that doesn’t feel cramped to write in but doesn’t require a full-sized bag. It’s minimalistic without extraneous content. 

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A soft cover, color blocked 2024 planner.

Soft Cover Color Block Weekly Planner

$25 USD

Featuring a bright, colorful cover, this weekly planner is sure to bring some pep to your planning. It offers a monthly planner spread each month before a weekly spread. Each week prompts for key tasks, a shopping list, and gratitude entries.


The weekly spread fits a lot of information in a two-page spread consolidating a variety of notebooks or notepads into one place. The habit tracker is especially handy for daily actions related to your new resolutions. 

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A green floral 2024 weekly planner features delicate botanical illustrations.

Floating Thistle Paper Hardbound Planner

$27 USD

Hardbound with a ribbon bookmark, this is a planner you leave out as decor when you’re not using it. The front features a stunning illustration with a clean interior layout with generous space every day and a smaller weekend section each week. Each month’s spread has a prompted space for goal setting. 


The only effective planner is one you actually use. The look of this hard-bound book is so stunning, that it’s easy to leave in constant reach without a desk feeling cluttered or unkempt. 

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A spiral bound 2024 planner features large black flowers.

Erin Condren Retro Floral LifePlanner


Measuring 7” X 9,” this mid-size planner promises to combine all your planning tasks into one place with encouraging quotes, dedicated productivity pages, and a snap-in ruler. The cover collaboration with illustrator Alja Horvat is a unique spin on florals. 


Erin Condren’s planners feature a wide array of personalization options from adjusting the cover to interior choices. Add your monogram to the cover or your word of the year. Inside, choose between three weekly layouts with a horizontal, vertical, or hourly design. The hourly planner is ideal for a paper-based schedule. All these customizations make it easier to get a planner that works for you. 

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A colorful weekly desk planner features hand-written labels and a colored weekend feature.

Undated Weekly Planner

$15 USD

Focus on the week at hand with a simplified weekly planner pad. This notepad simplifies your planning to task management for a given week with space for a week’s overarching goals, daily tasks, and weekends denoted with a different shade. 


Many commercial planners have a lot of excess space for big-picture planning and goal-setting, but if you only use the weekly view, this notepad simplifies what you need with a clutter-free view of what matters. 

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A floral-decorated weekly pad planner for 2024.

Rifle Paper Co Weekly Planner

$14 USD

For the same simplicity with a different style, Rifle Paper Co’s iconic floral patterning makes this weekly desk pad feminine and cheerful. 


The paper surface doubles as a mousepad for an attractive desk companion that keeps you focused. 

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Wall or desk calendars offer another opportunity to flag appointments, birthdays, or other events from your big-picture view. 

A standing desk calendar features an illustration with a bag of navel oranges.

Rifle Paper Co Fruit Stand Desk Calendar

$21 USD

Featuring monthly fruit-themed illustrations, this desk calendar is printed on sturdy card stock with art-forward monthly calendars that add style while marking essential dates. 


The fruit-themed illustrations and simplistic calendar style make this an ideal calendar for the kitchen for marking important dates where you’ll spot them (which might not be tucked away in your office). 

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A floral illustration wall calendar features 12 different botanical illustrations.

Phoebe & June Botanical Wall Calendar 

$36 USD

This large-scale (12” X 18”) calendar features a simplistic interface with stunning floral illustrations each month. The large size makes it easier to write about appointments and events. 


At a glance, the edge-to-edge floral design makes this calendar look more like wall art than a productivity tool, but up close it has all the details you need to track appointments. 

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Other Notepads

Alongside the perfect 2024 planner, use other notepads to organize other specific tasks or track achievements. 

Meal Planners

An essential part of wellness and household management is what everyone is eating. Organize your meals and shopping with dedicated meal planners. 

A spiral bound weekly meal planner has  a blue cover.

Ruff House Print Shop Meal Planner

$18 USD

This all-in-one meal planner features 54 weeks of planning pages with a tear-off shopping list on the side. It’s locally made in Lawrence, Kansas from independent print shop Ruff House. 


The simple layout has plenty of space for noting multiple meals. The sturdy meal planner book gives a surface to write on if you’re sitting on the couch to plot meals (like I will be). 

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A orange colored weekly planner has space for planning meals, shopping, and brainstorming.

Notepad-Style Weekly Menu

$15 USD

With a bright, friendly design, this weekly pad has dedicated space for each meal of the week with free space for brainstorming (before you’ve committed a meal to a specific time). 


The shopping section has themed illustrations for sorting your list based on the grocery store layout for an easier time racing to checkout. The notepad style is easier to refill when you use them all. 

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Done List

We all have to-do lists, but do you have a done list? Researcher Stacy Kim argued the benefits of a done list for Wired. The done list gives us a sense of control at the end of the day, as the initial to-do list does, honors what we completed that day, and catalogs what may have been an interruption to problem-solving in the future. 

A peach-colored notepad reads "Done List" as an alternative to the traditional to do list.

You can start keeping a done list alongside your to-do list each day (adding to the bottom) or grab a dedicated Done List notepad. 

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Now with the perfect accessories for the new year, learn how to effectively set and pursue your goals for better self-care and more achievements in 2024. 

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