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20+ Gifts for Guys for 2023

A man holding one of many gift for guys on Christmas.

By Franki Hanke

Step aside useless multitools and hot sauce assortments, it’s time for thoughtful gifts that he’ll use and enjoy. Below find 20+ ideas for gifts for guys in your life.

Gifts for Chefs, Grillers & Bakers

One of our picks for gifts for guys is a S'well stainless steel carafe.

S’well Stainless Steel Carafe

We all have a water bottle we love, but when you want to keep a beverage cold and servable to a crowd or into a cup, this insulated carafe is the way. Perfect for storing cold brew or cocktail batches. 

If he drinks more wine than he does coffee or cocktails, a decanter may be more useful! 

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Gifts for guys that cook could be spice or seasoning blends.

Salt or Seasoning Blends

Items that fit seamlessly into your life are always great gift ideas, so instead of a huge kit of exotic spices that may be hard to use, gift intentional seasoning blends or choices that you know how he’ll use. 

For a stocking stuffer or small gift, I recommend The Spice House’s best-seller Lake Shore Drive which melds Shallots & Herbs for a super-usable seasoning. For a stand-alone gift, look at their different gift boxes. 

An Ooni pizza oven is an expensive, but impactful gift for the guys in your life.

Ooni Outdoor Pizza Oven

For the go-to- griller, give them a new outdoor oven to play with in Ooni’s unique pizza oven. This model is ultra portable for travel to picnics or camping. 

Since this is an expensive gift, split the cost of the main gift and some additional accessories from Ooni and this pizza dough set from Uncommon Goods across multiple gifters. 

Gifts for Guys and Their Home

When gifting to a partner, you have the added advantage of gifting to the house for them, but even for other men in your life, thinking of their living space may be easier than gifting for unfamiliar hobbies or particular clothing tastes. 

If you're gifting an Apple HomePod Mini or they already have one, make it more portable with a charging base.

Apple Smart Speaker

If they already love their AirPods earbuds, then other tech gifts from Apple will fit into their system. A HomePod or HomePod mini provides high-quality sound for music and Siri’s built-in voice assistance throughout the house. 

To make a HomePod mini cordless, include this charger base by Mission Cables which has a freestanding battery for the HomePod to use so it can be cordless and portable to use it like a Bluetooth speaker without losing its extra functionality. 

If you want a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker he can take outside though, go for my tried and true Bose Soundlink

Shop on Apple | Shop Charger Base 

Pet portraits can be customized to be a perfect gift for all different decor styles.

Pet Portrait

For the dog dad in your life, give him a unique gift of his pet that can fit into the decor and style of his home, office, or cubicle with a custom pet commission from an artist. 

  • Carrie Reddington of Blulune offers tattoo-style portraits with a clean, vintage style. 
  • Maggie Hubbard of Adequate Pet Portraits offers inked pen portraits with a textured, sketchy style. 
  • Sarah of Blue Sun Stickers offers watercolor portraits with a soft, classic style. 
  • Tim Olden of Holly Hill Studios offers oil and acrylic portraits in a classic, painterly style. 
  • Ethan Harper offers graphite pencil sketches with a soft, subtle style. 

Choose an artist who best reflects the style of your giftee’s space for a personal call-out to their beloved pet that will fit into their decor and style seamlessly. 

Upgrade Something They Have

Rather than find a gap, look for an item in their life that could be replaced or upgraded. Be mindful that you’re not being judgy with this call, and trust your gut for where that line falls. 

Fresh, High-Quality Linens

Some men celebrate decade-long anniversaries with their college dorm pillowcases and towels. If you can pinpoint them, upgrade their most out-of-date linens with Brooklinen. My home is full of Brooklinen for soft, lasting items. 

Shop Brooklinen: Towels | Pillowcases

Functional Storage

Are they curling up the bag of espresso beans and letting half their coffee go stale? Do keys end up in a scattered pile throughout the kitchen? Identify a problem area and gift them a storage solution. 

Gifts for guys that upgrade something they already do in their routine are the best like this vacuum coffee canister.

For well-preserved coffee, gift Fellow’s Atmos vacuum coffee canister. 

Stylish leather valet trays are useful in all styles of home.

For corralling clutter, gift a handmade leather valet tray or a nested set from small business Theras Decor and Gifts out of California. 

Items compatible with things they already own make a great gift for guys.

For a tidy garage, gift an organizer compatible with their tools or tool brand. Each brand has its own branded, compatible system. Ryboi’s is Ryobi Link; Milwaukee’s is Milwaukee Packout. Look for a rolling toolkit for portable storage or wall systems for organized, visible tools. 

Shop Ryobi Link Rolling Tool Box | Ryobi Link Wall Mount | Milwaukee Packout Tool Kit

For men that use the default iPhone alarm, a sunrise alarm clock can be a nice upgrade.
Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Alarm Clock

If they’re still using the horrendous iPhone alarm sounds to wake up, revolutionize their morning with Philip’s sunrise-simulating gentle wake-up alarm. 

Gifts They Wear

Some men don’t love shopping for their clothes, so gifting them saves them a shopping trip (and lets you play dress-up). 

How to Gift Clothes Better

When gifting clothes, a coordinated outfit (or part of an outfit) can increase the impact of the gift and the chance he’ll wear it. Gift pieces that coordinate together and include a gift tag with your intentions for a great gift. 

Date Night Outfit

I can’t wait to see you wear this on our next date night. 

Gifting clothes in coordinated outfits or coordinated with one other piece can be easier to wear for the giftee.

Strike a balance between comfortable, casual, and styled with ultra-soft fabrics in a layered look. Lululemon’s high-quality button-up is multifunctional as a layering piece and a stand-alone work or travel top. 

Shop this Outfit: Cashmere Sweater | Long Sleeve Button-Up | Beanie | Dyed Athletic Jeans | Socks

Winter Walk Outfit

Let’s go look at the lights in the neighborhood together tonight. 

Choose between a long-sleeve t-shirt or crewneck hoodie to increase or decrease the warmth of the set. This layered style is functional and stylish for walks or errands. 

High-quality layering pieces make good gifts for guys.

Shop this Outfit: Beanie | Long-Sleeve T-Shirt or Sweatshirt | Vest | Fleece-Lined Jeans

Sunday Morning Outfit

I love you, but please stop leaving the house in the holey Nikes

Screenprinted t-shirts support independent artists and have unique designs you won't find in big box stores.

If he’s guilty of staying in ratty lounge clothes all day or wearing silly pajama bottoms to Walmart, then upgrade his casual fit with ultra-functional Lululemon joggers and a hand-printed t-shirt from artist Vannaillustrates. 

If coffee isn’t his aesthetic, find other screen-printed tees for a retro touch to fit his style. For example, for the hiker, see this whimsical woodsy print by Joey Strain. 

For added warmth or a sportier aesthetic, add a Nike sweatshirt that pairs well with the colors in your chosen shacket. Nike’s solid-color sweatshirts are functional and stylish when layered. 

Shop this Outfit: T-Shirt | Joggers | Shacket | Nike Sweatshirt on Nordstrom

You can use this same approach to supplement his closer. Look at his favorite items to wear and then find clothing gift ideas to match with his favorite items to re-wear. 

Gifts for Travelers

Whether for work or fun, if he travels often, gifts that increase comfort while traveling will be well-appreciated. 

Theragun Mini

Therabody is a well-known massage gun for sore muscles, but if you’re traveling, you’re leaving your big massage gun at home. But this hand-held model will fit easily in a carry-on bag for relieving that neck tension after a long flight. 

Shop on Therabody | Shop on Target

A super-functional duffel bag is a good gift for the guy who travels.

Functional Duffel Bag

With water-repellent fabric, multiple handles, and organized compartments, Lululemon’s Command the Day duffel bag is ideal for travel and commutes alike. 

Shop on Lululemon

Gifts for Big Kids

Harken back to Christmas of the past with a gift that speaks to his inner child. 

Lego Sets

Lego isn’t just for kids. Legos as a mindfulness activity for adults has been a hot topic recently, but the summary is that men in your life would probably love a Lego set. 

Designed with display in mind, this Lego set has a flat, hangeable back.

Designed to be a 3D display piece, this set is easier to hang on a wall once built. 

A gift for the car guys, Lego car sets can make the man in your life feel like a big kid.

The perfect gift for the guy who always jokes about his dream car come Christmas? His dream car… as a Lego set

This Space Age inspired Lego is sleek and display-worthy.

A uniquely sleek set referencing the Space Age. Once built, this will fit into a bookshelf as office decor. 

This vintage-style typewriter Lego set is like an objet d'art and activity in one.

This set wins for being the least obvious Lego once built so it can blend into your office decor as an objet d’art

A large, architectural Lego set can be a fun activity for the guys in your life and a display piece.

With a motorized light component, this Lego is equally satisfying for the gadget lover. 

Gifts for Guys with Everything

We all know one guy who buys everything he needs right away, so what could you possibly give them? 

Apple Watch Leather Band

Upgrading or augmenting something they have and love is always a safe bet for a gift. Niagra Leather Store is a Toronto-based small business with sleek, timeless leather bands for smartwatches. 

Replacement Ear Pads

Most of us already have our go-to noise-canceling headphones (shout out Bose QuietComfort), and high-quality ones like Bose or Apple last a long time! But, to clean up an older pair, gift him replacement ear cushions. It’s a super easy DIY project that makes an old pair of headphones look brand new. Plus, it’s an affordable, thoughtful gift that lets him continue using something he loves. 

Here are kits for some of the most popular noise-cancelling headphone brands: 


If someone already has all the items they need, don’t give them clutter. Gift them something they’ll eat or use up. Even if this duplicates something they have, since it’s something that runs out, you know they’ll get to it eventually! 

Soap is always useable, but massage soaps add some extra self-care to their normal routine.

Massaging Soap Bar

Upgrade their everyday soap to this one from Beth and Olivia’s Market that’s set in a unique mold to create massaging nubs that relieve muscle tension during his normal shower. 

This small business offers gift packaging in a kraft box with ribbon. Purchase a few scents to build your own gift set. 

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This Japanese BBQ sauce set is ideal for the home chef.

Bachan’s Japanese BBQ Sauce Set

Gift the opportunity to try great barbecue sauces in this set from Bachan’s with three flavors: Original, Hot & Spicy, and Yuzu. 

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For the guy in your life who likes making his own coffee, drink syrups can bring some fun extra flavor.
Yin Yang Syrups

For the coffee maker, choose a selection of unique drink syrups he can add to his drinks. Nebraska-based small business Yin Yang Syrups offers a variety of unique and classic syrups like salted caramel bourbon, vanilla chai, and blood orange cardamon. 

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Christmas-Themed Bon Bons

Handmade by Bon Bon Barny in New York, this seasonal box features four special flavors: Mandarin-Caramel, Cranberry-Marzipan, Mascarpone-Gingerbread, and Almond, Figs & Honey. 

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Chocolate is always a safe bet, especially stunning hand-painted truffles from a small business.
Flavor Variety Truffle Box

If you’d rather gift more flavors, small business M2 Confections offers a gift box of their 12 signature flavors including Burnt Passionfruit, Salted Caramel, Sazerac, London Fog, Mangonada, Mexican Chocolate, Dark & Stormy, Lemonade, Bunches of Oat, Caffe Amaretto, Alpine, and Fresh Mint. 

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If a physical gift doesn’t fit, gift the guy that has everything with a service, especially a luxe or convenience service he wouldn’t book for himself. 

Need more ideas? 

We’ve updated our past gift guides so there are similar suggestions for sold-out items. Find high-end gifts that will last in 15 Gifts for Men in Your Life That Have Everything Already or ten more ideas that ship fast via Amazon in 10 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts. 

If you’re shopping for his stocking still, find 40+ ideas from Apple Airtags to SPF skincare in How to Stuff a Stocking (even as a Bad Gift Giver). 

The best gift ideas come from effort, so I know if you’re reading this, you’re trying to pick something great! I hope you’ve found just the item on this list. 

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