Who We Are

We are women who’ve earned our stripes — and every wrinkle. We’ve grown and evolved. We’ve lived, lost, loved, labored, and learned while continuing to live our dreams.

And we are living our best lives now.

Over 40 and flourishing, we are working professionals, stay-at-home moms, and empty nesters united in the freedom to relax, unwind, and savor every moment.

While mid-life and beyond provokes new challenges — aging from perimenopause to menopause and changes in family dynamics — it’s also the time when confidence blossoms, and we revel in the beauty of our skin.

Together, we are Finer Things, an online lifestyle guide and community of passionate, empowered, intelligent, and unstoppable women over 40.

Why Finer Things?

We are wise enough to know, and appreciate, what the finer things in life are. Finer Things is a state of mind for women over 40 who now have the freedom to live life on their terms.

You’ve left the hustle in your 20s, the worries in your 30s. Now, ditch rules and stigmas. Live your life with unapologetic, wild abandon. Trailblaze, reimagine, and redefine your lifestyle for the finer things.

What We Offer

You’ll learn, laugh, and join a community designed with your needs in mind.

Our contributors share meticulously researched expertise and curated stories, insights, and
information relevant to your lifestyle. We offer finer perspectives on everything: beauty, fashion,
health, entertainment, relationships, finances, home design, technology, career, women’s issues, and travel.

Our Editors

We recruited a team of trailblazing women and created a space for other women to gather, share, and grow together with us.

Meet the Women of Finer Things

Paula Bennett


Paula Bennett is the founder of Finer Things, mom to four boys — and an expert on raising them! — and a long-time attorney. She’s forever curious and always researching to get the best answers to questions. While she has many interests, she’s obsessed with fashion, skincare, architecture, and interior design. She’s devoted to providing value-rich resources for women over 40 to live fulfilling, joyful lifestyles. For fun, Paula enjoys riding horses, playing tennis, planning fun events, and travel with her husband, family, and girlfriends. “Where are we going next?” is her favorite question.

Franki Hanke


Franki Hanke is a web copy and content writer who writes lifestyle content across the board, and she isn’t scared to talk sex, baby. Originally angled to become a journalist, Franki approaches every article with the same intensity as a front-page story. She’ll share her Airbnb finds in one breath and cite scientific research in the next. As cool as she sounds online, she’s usually covered in cat hair and brewing tea behind the keyboard, so don’t be fooled.

Janine Devine


Janine grew up in travel and has always been writing about travel in addition to day jobs as an agent and sales rep for a Northern European tour operator. She earned her Bachelor’s in Journalism while managing a travel agency. She credits her passion for travel to a psychic who told her mother: “her feet will touch the soil of many nations.” Janine’s bucket list still includes Colombia, Ethiopia, and Antarctica.  When she’s not writing, Janine loves spending time with her dogs and her husband at their weekend home in the mountains and watching YouTube videos on buying houses in France and Italy.

Kathleen Flinn


Kathleen Flinn is a widely published food, travel, and lifestyle writer. She’s best known for her series of acclaimed food memoirs, including The New York Times bestseller The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry, which is about falling in love while studying at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Along with stints in journalism and high tech, Kathleen has worked as a stand-up comedian, singing telegram messenger, tarot card reader, and stunt double in an IMAX film in Ethiopia. She is also big in Japan. She lives with her two primary recipe testers, her husband, Mike, and rescue dog, Maddy. The three split their time between Seattle, Washington and Anna Maria Island, Florida.

Christina Lyon


Christina Lyon is a California girl, creative writer, lifestyle blogger, and consultant. Most days, she’s diving into the rabbit hole of scientific journals, medical reports, and offbeat Google searches that mutate into hours of research and articulate think-pieces. When she’s not nerding out on the life stages of chrysanthemums or some such, she’s editing her fiction novel, writing short stories and poetry, reading a novel, or turning over a seashell on the beach with her dog-child, Clio, and husband, Steve.

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