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15 Mother-Daughter Trip Packing Essentials from Amazon

Mother and daughter working together to pack a suitcase.

By Emma Rekate

A successful mother-and-daughter trip will have three things: a fabulous location, meals out at delicious restaurants, and a packing list full of essentials that make your trip go as smoothly as possible. While the mother may be able to pick out some more niche or pricey items, as the daughter, affordability, and efficiency are our greatest friends.

Whether you are planning your next holiday or are looking for a gift for your daughter, here are 15 of my go-to Amazon items for all my upcoming trips. The Finer Things Team is an Amazon Associate, so make sure you click the links below! When you shop with our links, there’s no additional cost, but you support our writing. The items range from sun-tanning gel to packing cubes to chargers. We hope you enjoy our travel packing list!

1. B-Tan Clear Self-Tan Gel

This tanning gel trumps all others. Before, you had to worry about weird streaking lines, uneven coverage, and staining your clothes or bed sheets. Now with this clear tanning gel, you simply moisturize with your favorite lotion, rub the gel in until dry and go about your day as it develops. You don’t even need to wash it off! It’s as easy as putting on hand sanitizer. Don’t forget to continue to apply sunscreen afterward, even though you will be glowing! Stay tanned, not burnt. 

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2. Compression Packing Cubes

These packing cubes are a must if you are anything like me. Some people call it “chronic over-packing”, I prefer to call it “covering all my bases.” With the compression feature, you can easily pack 12 shirts, six pairs of pants, bras, underwear, and all the accessories you need into your carry-on. This is my go-to travel tip. Bringing the smallest bag possible when traveling to three different countries in a week without sacrificing your wardrobe is key! I have recommended these packing cubes to so many friends, and they love them!

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3. Women’s Swimsuit Cover Up Button Down

This may be advertised as a swim cover-up, but the lightweight material of this button-down makes it the perfect summer accessory. If you easily get sunburned or just like to stay a little more covered, even in hot weather, this is a must! Luckily this cover-up is stylish and can easily be paired with almost any clothing item you bring with you on the trip.

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4. Universal Travel Adapter

A universal travel adapter should be the first thing to go in your travel bag. You never know what the electrical situation will be at your hotel or Airbnb, especially in a foreign country, so it’s best to have all of them in one adapter. This universal travel adapter will be your lifeline when completing your travel bucket list!

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5. Maison Margiela’s Replica Perfume Sampler Set

This perfume set by Maison Margiela is a toiletry staple that comes with me on every trip. This is supposed to be used as samples for customers, but it’s the best way to have a perfume scent for every occasion! Some scents are light, sweet, and perfect for daytime outings, and there are also darker, muskier scents that set the mood for the evening. These small sample-size bottles make it a perfect travel item. Even if you think you want to top up in the middle of the day, just grab the one you want and throw it in your bag or pocket! Don’t worry, they’re just as TSA-compliant as your mini toothpaste!

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6. Mophie Portable Charger

Having your phone die on you in the middle of the day is not just annoying but is also a safety issue. After using the Mophie Portable Charger for years now, this is an essential item for any outing or adventure I am going on. It is fairly small, so it can easily fit into your bag or pockets for easy storage! Even if it is a family vacation, this charger can definitely last you and your crew the whole day.

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7. Disposable Camera

With the resurgence of film photography in the past few years, I love being able to capture small moments and forget about them until they get developed. A disposable camera is an easy and affordable way to get retro and aesthetic film photos without breaking the bank! Some of my favorite weekend getaway photos have been from this disposable camera!

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8. Simple Black Shoulder Bag

There is no doubt that a cute and simple bag completes an outfit, especially one that you want to put on social media to share your holiday. However, when you are traveling, is it the best idea to bring your most expensive or luxury brand bag? There’s a good chance it will get pressed down in the suitcase or scratched when you are sightseeing or even the possibility of it getting stolen. This cute and simple black shoulder bag goes on all of my vacations with me. You never know if you will need to bring along emergency deodorant, band-aids, or a water bottle for the big walking days. It fits everything I may need for a night out, has a secure zipper, and looks fantastic in photos!

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9. Pocket Wallet

If you’re walking around all day long, you do not want to have to carry a giant wallet with you. Whether it’s credit cards, IDs, or gift cards, these small pocket wallets allow you to carry just the necessities and save room in your bag for other things, like souvenirs! These small and purposeful wallets will become your new best friend for all of your travels.

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10. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

I don’t know about you but on a relaxing vacation I love to read a good book, but there is no way I am taking up precious room in my luggage for books. The Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect E-Reader. Not only can it store all of your books in one place, but it also has a warm-light effect, so if you are reading in the dark, your eyes won’t hurt! It won’t break the bank either. The newer iPads now are getting pricier, so if you are looking to have an affordable E-Reader, then this is a must-buy. The best part about this Kindle is that it is waterproof! Grab a drink, lay on a pool float, and start reading!

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11. Plug and USB Extension Cord

Hotel rooms and Airbnbs are a hit or miss when it comes to having enough wall plugs. When you travel, it is vital that all of your phones, cameras, watches, etc. are charged and ready to go for the day. We all know a family member that never remembers their cords so you might become the favorite person during your getaway! Getting a good quality and lightweight extension cord is key for a successful trip. Make sure you pick up one that has slots for both prongs and USB!

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12. Covergirl’s Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara

The first time I wore this mascara, it took me three days to get off! This is the product you need for those long travel days. Absolutely no amount of sweat, rain, or heat will ruin your mascara when you use the Lash Blast. Not only will your makeup stay perfect, but it is also a lifesaver when it comes to giving your lashes the perfect lift. We have to make sure the vacation photos are Instagram-ready on your next trip!

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13. Sony’s Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

You may have seen these online, but trust me when I say it lives up to the hype! The headphones have been everywhere with me. The sound quality is top-tier, the noise canceling feature works fabulously on long airplane rides or endless road trips, and it helps that they look really cute too! Whether you are looking for new travel headphones or just something for your everyday wear, the Sony Wireless Noise-Cancelling headphones are the one to buy!

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14. Tylenol PM

Possibly the worst part about international travel is the jet lag. More often than not, you don’t have the time to naturally get over it, so the next best thing is Tylenol PM. Luckily, it is not too strong that you can’t hear your alarm the next morning and miss all the sightseeing! One other benefit is that if your feet are hurting from walking everywhere, the pain relief will help solve that problem too! Just toss it in your carry-on or first-aid kit when you are packing, and you’ll be good to go.

If you don’t need Tylenol, don’t use Tylenol PM just for the sedative effect. Overusing Tylenol can be dangerous. Just to help kick jet lag, look for “Diphenhydramine” which is the active ingredient in Zzzquil

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15. Travel Jewelry Box

We all know the painful feeling you get when you open your suitcase and see all of your jewelry tangled together. This miniature jewelry box has a plush velvet exterior and the perfect amount of compartments for necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Stop using a random plastic bag and get this reusable, travel-sized jewelry box. Now you’ll have one less thing to worry about when you are exploring on your next trip!

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While mother-daughter trip packing used to include a baby carrier or stroller packed with diapers, bibs, pacifiers, and crayons, family travel as adults is a totally different experience, but packing the essentials is still just as important.

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