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8 Modest Women’s Costumes for Halloween

Woman preparing for a Halloween costume with a modest womens costume.

By Franki Hanke

The internet is flooded with Halloween costume ideas for the young and brave who don’t need their entire butt covered, but I prefer more modest women’s costumes for Halloween that are in short supply for us to buy! Whether for a party with friends or distributing candy at home, these costumes let you participate in the fun comfortably. 

I promise, there isn’t a single “sexy” version of anything here. Your chest and toosh will stay as covered as you prefer while you dress up. May you celebrate Halloween in style. 

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Build a Victorian Witch costume with a long black dress and iconic witch hat.

Classic Victorian Witch

You can never go wrong with a witch costume on Halloween. It’s recognizable, and you can be as elegant or creepy as you’d like! I’ve found pieces that make for a classy, haunted manor-style witch, but layering some creepier accessories could make for a different look. 

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Dress as Audrey Hepburn for a modest, fashionable womens costume.
I’ve chosen a highly-rated stylish dress and high-quality brimmed hat for this costume so you can continue to use them. 

Audrey Hepburn – Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

Audrey Hepburn’s look from Breakfast at Tiffany’s is an iconic, recognizable costume that becomes wearable clothing afterward. I especially love this for a Halloween party as it’s a subtle costume that fits in with a mixed crowd in and out of costumes. 

For this costume, you’ll need a slim, pencil-style black dress, long (faux) pearls, an oversized hat, and long black gloves. To re-create Audrey’s natural makeup style, use a lightweight BB or CC cream.

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Harken back to a bygone era with a Pan Am stewardess costume.

PAN AM Stewardess

Bring a bit of the glamorous side of air travel with the iconic PAN AM stewardess uniform. If you’re roping a partner into a couples costume, they can be your pilot or fellow stewardess. 

This costume is officially licensed and sold as a complete set, but don’t forget to layer your nude pantyhose or tights beneath for the full effect! If you want to customize any additional props, you can DIY them with two PAN AM sticker packs. If you’re trick-or-treating, turn a wagon or stroller into essential airline cargo! 

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Layer an everyday black dress with simple accessories to create a Morticia Addams costume.
For a color you may not re-wear, I’ve picked out an affordable Maybelline superstar which has strong staying power but is only $8. 

Morticia Addams – The Addams Family

Ever a picture of (spooky) elegance, Morticia Addams costumes can often have a deep V, but our take is more wearable and reusable as a comfortable long dress after its evening as your DIY Halloween costume. 

Layer this long sleeve, black maxi dress which has 1,000+ reviews with Morticia’s signature long-black hair and dark red lip. This wig is only about $20, yet is a popular pick for cosplay crafters. 

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Embrace the glitter of Glinda the Good Witch.

Glinda the Good Witch – The Wizard of Oz

If you’re drawn to the glitter and glamour of Disney princesses like Belle or Snow White but want to avoid stepping on the kid’s toes, Glinda the Good Witch is here for you! If you want a couple or group costume, the cast offers several other characters to represent from the Scarecrow to Dorothy herself. 

For this costume, the essentials come together in the officially licensed costume: the dress and crown. However, for a better effect, add a petticoat beneath to give the skirt volume similar to its grand on-screen effect. 

Shop this costume on Amazon: Dress | Petticoat | Wig

Hop off the television screen with a classic Mary Poppins modest Halloween costume.

Mary Poppins 

If you still hum Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious whenever you measure a dose of medicine, then it’s the year to dress up as Mary Poppins. From a company specializing in elaborate, period costumes, this Mary Poppins costume is a replica of her on-screen dress. 

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Instead of buying a bagged pirate costume, build your own for a more modest women's costume.

Classic Pirate

Halloween costume makers give pirates a bad name with their short-skirted pirate costumes! Instead of a bagged costume, build the pieces for a modest women’s costume that’s gender-neutral and ready for the high seas. 

To build this costume, start with a base layer of black leggings or trousers and a billowy shirt. Then, layer details on top with a leather bustier or waist belt and a pirate hat. From that base, you can add details as you’d like to create something more lived-in. 

Consider extras like a scarf or fabric trail looped around your waist, a skirt hiked up, a looped leather belt, and tall boots. You could forgo the hat for a brown, wrapped fabric headband too. 

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See how others have taken this general concept into a complete, modest women’s costume. 

Create your own comfortable costume with a Dickies painters jumpsuit for a modest women's costume.

Painter Mid-Project

For a comfortable, but classic costume concept do some DIYing with a plain white Dickies jumpsuit. If you have kids or grandkids, rope them in to help splatter your suit into a mid-project painter’s garb! This costume is comfortable without any funky fabrics that might feel itchy through a party or event, but it still checks the box of dressing up! 

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If you’re still stumped on a costume and are dressing up for a specific event, look to other attendees for inspiration. If someone else is doing Scooby Do & Shaggy, consider Velma. If someone else is opting for one of Stranger Things main characters, fill in one of the background crew from Scoops Ahoy! Ice Cream. If someone’s already Alice herself from Alice in Wonderland, dress as their villain Queen of Hearts! People usually love the opportunity to coordinate.

But when in doubt, this list features memorable, timeless characters and concepts that will fit any crowd. I hope you found the costume for you from it! 

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