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10 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Yourself 

Woman accepting a wrapped gift from her son for Mother's Day.

By Franki Hanke

Every year, Mother’s Day sneaks up on us (and ours) so whether you’re shopping for a woman in your life or for yourself, this list has best sellers, hidden gems, and viral products from Amazon so you can find quick gifts for Mother’s Day for 2023 that won’t disappoint.

For last-minute gifts for Mother’s Day in 2023, shop these Amazon items for every type of mom. Be sure to check that shipping timeline for your choices as your home location will change the speed of delivery! 

For the Home Chef

When you’re gifting, even to yourself, buying something too task-oriented can feel like a slight. So, for the avid home chef, ensure that your gift feels a bit luxurious. And doesn’t sound like “Get back in the kitchen and cook!” 

Sometimes the best gift for Mother's Day is an elevated luxury.

Graza Olive Oil & La Vecchia IGP Balsamic Vinegar

Now, this combination is classic, yet modern with a mash-up between trendy favorite Graza and classic imported La Vecchia. This pairing is meant to be savored, so just plan on adding some local bread for the perfect afternoon. Dunk and repeat. 

What makes this duo special is the origin of each. Graza picks, presses, and bottles their extra virgin olive oil in Jaen, Spain with single-varietal Picual olives for high-quality final products. The Drizzle variety is made with younger olives for a punchier flavor for finishing. Graza has gotten lots of hype including from Food & Wine and New York Magazine. Pair that with the richness of La Vecchia IGP balsamic vinegar. That IGP distinction is important. That’s a specific term that denotes a vinegar must use specific grapes and follow specific production processes. The result is a rich, smooth flavor that feels very luxe. 



For the baker, there are few brands with more Oooh factor than Valrhona Chocolates. You could select any of their baking products to bundle together, but I’d recommend one or two of their fruit inspirations and one chocolate. Psst, if you want to jump into baking straight away, try these delightfully springy cookies


Valhrona's Raspberry Inspirations have a brown, paper bag style packaging.

For the Active

Much like kitchen gifts, workout-related gifts for Mother’s Day can be a careful line to toe. If you’re gifting, opt for these multi-functional picks that won’t come across as an unwanted suggestion to hit the gym. 

These sporty sandals still manage to be fashionable with white bodies and a tan sole.

Sorel Kinetic Sandals

Balancing the function of a walking shoe with the style of your usual sandal, Sorel’s new Kinetic Sandals are ready to be the summer go-to. The Sea Salt, Gum combination balances neutral white and tan with just a little color to keep it fun. They’ve got over four stars on Amazon and Nordstrom reviews! 

These are the perfect companion to your favorite album on the ole Apple Airpods and a walk outside. These are a practical gift that isn’t boring! 

I will note from my testing that these run a little bit narrow if you or your recipient have wide feet. 


Lululemon Everywhere Bag

A gift on its own or a perfect companion to the sandals above, the Everywhere bag has been everywhere. Viral in a range of different colors, we’ve selected a neutral beige that will match the sandals above and meld with any outfit. It’s a belt bag, but the current style is wearing it like a crossbody bag across the chest. Pick what’s most comfortable for you! 


The practical Everywhere bag is perfect for summer adventures.

For the Homebody

Some of us are just the most comfortable at home, and when it’s your special day, you should have the most enjoyable at-home day of them all. If there are kids around… suddenly it’s your mother-in-law’s gift to have a day with them! 

The decorative glass vessel for this candle adds to its appeal as a gift.

Capri Blue Volcano Candle

The unwavering scent of Anthropologie hits every gifting list for a reason. This scented candle smells like sweetened citrus that is comfortable in every season. Plus, the glass jar is so gorgeous it doubles as decor burning or not. 


Comfy Lounge Set

Some moms, especially new moms on their first Mother’s Day, want one thing more than anything else: a nap. If you’re not sure what to gift your wife, give her this, ultra-soft, high-rated loungewear set. Then, tell her when you’ll have food on the table and send her back to her pillowcase to nap. Thousands of people fell in love with this simple, comfy set which comes in a huge variety of colors to choose from with shorts instead of leggings for the warming weather. 


The best Mother's Day gift might be a nap in this soft, loose lounge set.

For the Beauty Queen

Way too many Mother’s Day gift ideas focus on the size with beauty gift sets stuffed with underwhelming products. Instead, our beauty picks for the best gifts for Mother’s Day for 2023 focus on quality over quantity. 

Dior's lip oil is an easy gift for any style of make-up lover with a range of shades.

Dior Lip Oil

It’s understandable this one went viral on TikTok. Unlike a gloss, this oil provides moisturizing hydration each time you wear it. The sheen works with no other makeup or a full face too. If you live near a Sephora, that’d be a fast way to nab this one too! 


Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau de Toilette 

As an iconic scent of summer, Light Blue is an easy choice to be your scent of the summer. The light, clean scent works on a lot of people’s skin (as 12,000+ reviews online attest) so it’s a good bet if you’re gifting. Notes include Sicilian Lemon for a freshness with a base of cedar and musk for some depth. It’s perfect for your Italian vacation scent. 


Light Blue has a tall, slender bottle with a light blue cap.
The new summer scent of Elemis's classic cleansing balm is a great Mother's Day gift or treat for the self.

Elemis Cleansing Balm – Summer Bloom

Gifting skincare is hard; it’s hard to pick for ourselves! But, I will recommend Elemis’s cleansing balm forever. It’s a cleansing product so it won’t clash with your specific skincare regime, but the experience of this product is so luxurious. It’s self-care epitomized. It melts makeup off like an oil cleanser but then leaves behind lingering moisture. Perfectly timed for Mother’s Day, they’ve released a new, limited-time scent so if you’re gifting to a fan, there will be a bit of a novelty. 

The summer bloom scent has Mimosa, Meadowsweet, Sweet Orange, and Juniper for a scent of the “English countryside.” 


Gifts for Mother’s Day for Anyone Else

Sometimes, it’s hard to categorize every mother figure in your life. So, these gifts a general for anyone with good taste from new moms to grandmothers. 

Zest Delites Turkish Delight Gift Box

Boxes of chocolate are classic for a reason, but for something unique, opt for this box of Turkish delights instead. With a variety of flavors that taste like you hopped a flight, this will delight anyone who loves these chewy, soft lil pillows. Reviewers didn’t hold back on the praise: “My husband and I ate at least a third of the box when opened,” and “The closest I got to having Turkish delights from Turkey.” I’m sold! 


A decorative box is partially opened to show Turkish delights inside.

What gifts should you skip?

Every woman is different, so there’s likely someone for every gift, but there are a few things that always circulate as ideas gifts for Mother’s Day in 2023 that just… suck. If you’re not sure what to get, I’d skip these common ideas.

-Any personalized gift that says “Mom,” especially yet another water bottle or tumbler that’s only washable by hand! Monograms can be the exception to personalization, but toe that line carefully. I love Etsy, but the overuse of MOM customization might be my line in the sand! 

-Heart-shaped jewelry that’s designed specifically for this holiday (especially if it’s sterling silver and your recipient wears gold). If you want a keepsake piece of jewelry, look at what she already owns and find something similar in scale, metal color, and style. For a thoughtful gift that references being a mom, consider using birthstones, star signs, or something more subtle than the word “Mom.” 

-Picture frames with a random photo. It’s cute when a five-year-old made the frame, otherwise, it’s usually a cop-out. 

-Gift cards if you share finances. It doesn’t really have that oomph if you’re gifting her money from the same account she shops from. Instead, go an extra step to set it up. Do some pampering with a spa appointment, make a reservation for her to go out to dinner (and call the restaurant to pay the bill), or book a class together. 

If you didn’t find the perfect gifts for Mother’s Day in 2023 with this gift guide, I recommend looking back at some of our previous guides for more ideas. 

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Now, settle in with your great gift and enjoy the best Mother’s Day. 

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