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What are the Best Masterclasses for Women? 

The best MasterClasses for woman span all content categories.

By Franki Hanke

When was the last time you learned something? Once we’re out of college, it’s a lot harder to specifically try and learn or improve a skill. Add into that mix the allure of mindless television. You’re screwed, right?

MasterClass is the solution, and that’s why we’re partnering with them. Digestible, streamable classes are a way to add some learning to your routine whether that’s from your phone on the treadmill, your iPad on plane layovers, or with a group on your television.

It’s time to learn a new skill. 

Better yet, gift someone the opportunity to learn. It’s the chance for a new hobby and a gift that improves their life (however they want it to) rather than just clutter. If you still want a physical gift, pair a subscription with another gift.

Sign on for any of the MasterClass for women on any of your main devices for accessible learning throughout your day.

What is MasterClass?

Masterclass is a streaming platform, but instead of serving up television like Netflix, Masterclass streams in-depth lessons from the world’s experts on a wide array of topics. It’s an opportunity for mentoring from influential, well-known icons on each topic. 

How does it work? 

MasterClass is an annual subscription. While you’re subscribed, you can watch as many classes as you want. Each class is between ten and 20 video lessons of about ten minutes a video. Follow along the webinar courses with each class’s workbook. For more hands-on learning, watch for their upcoming MasterClass Sessions. 

You can watch MasterClass videos on smartphone or TV apps including offline downloads (for streaming during travel). 

What if I don’t like it?

MasterClass has a thirty-day guarantee. If, after a month, you don’t like the courses, you can get a refund. That means there’s no reason not to try it out! 

What are the best Masterclasses for women? 

Women can, and do, learn anything and everything, but when we especially want to learn from other women on MasterClass. So, our favorite Masterclass for women range far and wide in topics but they all feature empowering, influential, and successful women. 

Eight of the Best MasterClass for Women

Careers & Networking

Pursue Your Vision with Sara Blakely

Develop a product or brand with Spanx Founder Sara Blakely. She has 14 modules on prototyping products, building a brand, and growing a business. An ideal MasterClass for women entrepreneurs, her detailed roadmap with practical strategies from developing Spanx is invaluable. Her approach is straightforward with supporting examples for her own entrepreneurship. 

You’ll learn

→ How to prototype a new product and receive feedback

→ How to negotiate a manufacturer relationship

→ How to approach sales

→ How to develop a brand and culture around your business

Lead with Creativity with Anna Wintour

Lead with bold focus with Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. She has 12 video modules on leadership skills. Rather than a LinkedIn tutorial, her leadership MasterClass is more abstract and focuses on the broader image of leading and relying on a team. 

You’ll learn

→ How to effectively give feedback

→ How to leverage media 

→ How to evolve an existing brand


MasterClass courses are largely on applicable soft skills, but with real life examples and tips that inform hard skillsets.
Create a sustainable yoga practice with Donna Farhi

Build a foundational practice of yoga with yoga instruction Donna Farhi. Named the “teacher of teachers” as a yoga instructor for other instructors, Donna offers ten modules on traditional yoga. 

You’ll learn

→ How to start with yoga

→ How to do essential postures

→ How to protect your back

Talk openly about sex with Emily Morse

Get comfortable communicating around sex with podcast host Emily Morse of Sex with Emily. She has seven modules on communication around sex including identifying what you want and discovering new things.

You’ll learn

→ How to comfortably communicate your desires

→ How to intensify orgasm

→ How to explore new things to keep desire alive

Design & Style

Improve Your Makeup Application with Bobbi Brown | MasterClass Bestseller! 

Emphasize and improve your natural appearance with Cosmetic icon Bobbi Brown. She has nineteen modules with a range of lessons on applying makeup. All the courses rely on her core philosophy that makeup should enhance who you are.

You’ll learn

→ How to choose colors for your skin

→ How to apply products including foundation, tinted moisturizer, and bronzer/blush

→ How to fill in brows

→ How to emphasize your eyes 

→ How to create bold looks including lipstick and a smokey eyeshadow

→ How to rapidly apply a quick makeup routine

→ How to fix common mistakes with practical tools

Elevate the Look of Your Home with Kelly Wearstler

Fall in love with your space again with interior designer Kelly Wearstler. She has 17 modules on how to approach interior design. The course covers the entire process of designing a room from brainstorming to completion including behind-the-scenes examples on her work sites. 

You’ll learn

→ How to make a space feel larger

→ How to choose colors, materials, and textures

→ How to create your own style

→ How to shop for home items purposefully 

Sports & Conditioning

Learn How to Practice For and Play Tennis with Serena Williams 

Improve your score on the court with #1 ranked tennis player, Serena Williams. She has ten modules on playing tennis. The course includes drills and techniques you can practice on your own to improve your playing style. 

You’ll learn

→ Drills Serena runs herself daily

→ Techniques for footwork, backhand, and troubleshooting

→ How to take control of the court

→ How to approach, volley, and smash close to the net

→ How to improve your serve 

Become a Runner with Joan Benoir Samuelson

Develop a runner’s routine and improve your well-being with Olympic marathoner Joan Benoit Samuelson. She has 11 modules on motivation, goals, equipment, stretches, and navigating injuries. If you’re not new to running, skip forward to relevant lessons for expert advice. 

You’ll learn

→ How to start running

→ What equipment is best

→ How to navigate and avoid injuries

→ How to stretch and recover

→ How to train for a marathon

Once you’ve joined the community of women learning on MasterClass, you’ll truly be empowered to tackle any new skill set because you will get access to every Masterclass with your annual membership. After all, it just takes a video to start learning.

Want a deeper dive into classes for you? Here are more classes you might love: 

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Instead of just following another recipe, cook alongside iconic chefs to learn more than just the steps for a recipe, but an entire approach to a new cuisine. 

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MasterClasses You’ll Apply to Your Everyday Life

If you’re not sure where to start, some classes speak to things you struggle with every day (and you might not realize you’re even struggling). 

For even more content from your favorite celebrities on your chosen topics, MasterClass Lives feature live recorded sessions with more casual conversations from guest teachers including Simone Biles and Bobbi Brown. We love MasterClass as a gift because it’s perfect for anyone. When you sign up for yourself, you’ll receive a guest pass for two weeks of free access. Consider that an extra bonus!

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