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MasterClasses You’ll Apply to Your Everyday Life

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By Franki Hanke

One of the reasons we love MasterClass is for digestible learning we can integrate into your daily routine. Swapping even half the time spent scrolling social media is enough time to learn something new after you start with MasterClass.

Worst case scenario, the video lessons act like a podcast if you multi-task while listening, but what if you’re not sure what to learn? 

Well, then these are the best classes for you to start with MasterClass. With skills that apply to your life every single day, these MasterClasses offer an online education you can use right away. 

It's easy to start with MasterClass if you add videos into your daily routine.
Add some learning to your busy life by watching MasterClass alongside household tasks: cooking dinner or folding laundry.

MasterClass FAQs: What should you know? 

Since partnering with MasterClass, we’ve shared many of our favorite online courses they offer. Home to over 150 classes, MasterClass is an online learning platform with streamed lessons from world experts including well-known celebrities. It’s like a Zoom class with your favorite celebrities the likes of Christina Aguilera, Gordon Ramsay, and Neil Degrasse Tyson. 

How does it work? 

With an annual subscription, you have unlimited access to all the Masterclass courses and sessions that MasterClass offers, including new classes every month. 

Your annual membership ranges between $180 and $276 depending on how many devices you want access to simultaneously (if you want to split the MasterClass cost with family or friends). For offline viewing, you’ll need a second-tier membership. 

MasterClass classes themselves are short video series with an accompanying workbook to learn at your own pace from your own devices including the MasterClass app on iOS and Android or your Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Roku. 

Is it like Skillshare then?

MasterClass differs from other online course platforms in two key ways. While Skillshare, Udemy, and other online classes teach technical skills, MasterClass offers the rare opportunity to learn big-picture ideas, techniques, and life lessons from celebrities and experts you’d otherwise never have access to with other e-learning options. 

What if I don’t like it? 

MasterClass offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t think The MasterClass subscription is worth it within 30 days after you start with MasterClass, you’ll get a full refund thanks to their generous refund policy! 

Sign up today to try it out at!

Where to Start with MasterClass


Robin Roberts: Effective and Authentic Communication

In everything we do, we have to talk to people. As a co-anchor of Good Morning America, Robin Roberts has communicated a lot over her career. In this course, you’ll learn how to communicate effectively in front of crowds or face to face with your closest relationships. 

Esther Perel: Relational Intelligence 

From the perspective of a psychologist, Esther Perel teaches how to connect and communicate in your relationships. With examples and practical ideas, Esther outlines how to improve your relationships. 

 Personal Care

John Kabat Zinn: Mindfulness and Meditation

Life is hectic and stressful. With John Kabat Zinn, you’ll learn to leverage meditation techniques to better preserve through the stress of life. His course is practical for even the most fidgety beginners.

Matthew Walker: Science of Better Sleep

As the director of the Center for Human Sleep Science, Matthew Walker is the expert on sleep. Learn how to increase the quantity and quality of your sleep including preventing sleep debt and minimizing the effects of alcohol and caffeine. 

Joe Holder: Fitness and Wellness Fundamentals

Rather than focusing on one aspect of fitness, Joe Holder’s webinar offers learners a foundation for health including improving mobility, nutrition, and mindset for your wellness routine. Learn aspects to add to everything you already do. 


Annie Leibovitz: Photography

We all photograph our memories, but how often do those capture the full story of the moment? Over 15 video lessons, Annie Leibovitz teaches you how to approach photos like her by guiding subjects, using natural light, and editing afterward. You’ll produce more than high-quality images, but deep, thoughtful snapshots of a story. 

Petra Collins: Capture Your Vision Through Photography

As a MasterClass Session, Petra Collin’s course is designed for daily step-by-step lessons for a month. Rather than only learning the technical aspects of your camera, Collins teaches how to bring a creative perspective to photographing a series. In combination with Annie Leibovitz’s course, these hands-on video lessons provide daily improvements for bringing a professional, creative mindset to your own photos. 

Brandon McMillan: Dog Training

If you have dogs, learning how to train them is invaluable. Sure, you could hire someone, but isn’t it best if they learn from you? In his course, Brandon McMillan gives in-depth steps for teaching common commands and fixing typical behavior issues. 

Which MasterClass instructors should you watch next?  

Once you start learning with MasterClass, you’ll find the best online course for you changes over time as you master previous skills or change your focus. With one MasterClass subscription, you have access to all the classes, so you’re free to learn something new next. 

The only question is, what do you want to learn? 

For help picking your next class, read our other articles on MasterClass.

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Now, time to watch MasterClass! 

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