Articles by Christina Lyon

With the right routine, you can be a natural beauty over 40.

8 Tips For Natural Beauty Over 40 — Let Your Natural Radiance Shine

Let your natural radiance shine by embracing & enhancing your own skin.
Menopausal hair loss is no fun.

Menopause Hair Loss: Tips and Hacks to Stimulate Regrowth

There are so many benefits of aging—but menopausal hair loss is not one!
Woman walking to lose weight.

Walking for Weight Loss: Everything You Need to Know

What if I told you that weight loss could be as simple as taking a stroll?
Woman applying one of the best anti aging eye creams from 2022 to her undereye.

23 Best Anti-Aging Eye Creams For De-Puffing, Firming, and Brightening!

For every budget, there’s a product to protect and smooth your under eyes.
Woman wearing stylish heeled ankle boots over 40.

40+ Style: How To Wear Ankle Boots Over 40

Style doesn't dry up and die as we get older.
Mature women with glowing skin after menopause.

Menopause Skin: How to Get Your Glow Back

Menopause changed your skin, but you can change it too.
Does Money Buy Happiness? Header Image

Can Money Buy Happiness? Research Says Yes and No.

Turns out this age-old question does have an answer.
Best Sex Toys for Women Header with a Woman Reaching for a Basket of Toys

14 Best Sex Toys for Women to Break Out in the Bedroom

A complete guide to the best sex toys online according to real reviews.  Looking to infuse new flavors into your ...

9 Ways to Maximize Career Gains in Your 40’s

Oprah said, "passion is energy," and we couldn't agree more.
do eyelash extensions ruin your eyelashes? Not if it's done correctly.

Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Lashes? The Good, The Bad, & The Better Way

Who doesn't want envious, voluminous, come-hither lashes that look flawless 24/7?
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