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14 Best Sex Toys for Women to Break Out in the Bedroom

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By Christina Lyon

A complete guide to the best sex toys online according to real reviews. 

Looking to infuse new flavors into your sex life? You’re in the right spot! As you cozy into bed solo or snuggle up to your partner, why not ramp up the heat with sex toys? You might be cautious to introduce a new play-thing to your bedroom, but now is the time to explore new horizons, and take it from the real reviews we’ve included: it’s well worth the view! 

There is far more to explore in the world of sex toys than vibrators and dildos. Especially considering the variety available to you. It seems there is a toy for every woman’s needs, whether that’s a massager, stimulator, rabbit, bullet, multi-spot vibrators, and hey, you can even go hands-free. 

The possibilities are there to tickle your heart’s (and libido’s) desire. 

Today, there are myriad options, and as you open a tab and start exploring, you may feel intimidated by the sheer volume of results. Plus, how will you know if that one really works in the way you specifically need it to?

Not to worry! We’ve rounded up our 14 best sex toys for women to bring in the bedroom. How did we compile this list?

What Real Women Want

We scoured hundreds of real reviews to find the most satisfied users online. So, if you’re in the mood for some solo sex or want to spice up the vanilla or shatter some glass with pleasure moans, there is something for every lady on this list.

Trust us, once you find “the one” you’ll wish you’d had it all along. But hey, who says you have to choose only one?

Sex experts agree that sexual wellness is a vital aspect of quality of life and women’s health. It’s widely known that orgasms help you sleep better, regulate your circadian rhythm, and invite ample health benefits. 

And yes, women over 40 use sex toys: it’s healthy, it’s normal, it’s fabulous. Some things are better done than said. Read on to learn what these sex toys have done for happy reviewers.

Before we get started, you may want to pour yourself a glass of water because these reviews are going to turn up the heat!

Our Picks of the Best Sex Toys for Women

1. Remote Control Vibrator – Lovense Lush 2 Love Egg

To kick things off, this hands-free bullet vibrator features seven pulsations, controllable from the vibrator or Bluetooth via the Lovense app. Use it with your partner or solo, morning or night, and out on the town or under the covers. Let the smooth, body-safe silicone material curve to reach your G-spot for focused, internal stimulation. Control the vibration mode or toss the control to your partner near or afar to crank up the heat.

“I cannot stress enough how beautiful I feel during and after I use my Lush. I’m feeling things just thinking about it now. She’s my late-night lover, my destresser at work, and my wingman on a night out!!”

Price: $119.00 on Amazon

2. Clitoral Stimulation – Zumio X

Are you looking for a departure from your traditional vibrator? Explore various pleasure points with the Zumio X clitoral stimulator, a rotating sex toy designed for sensual exploration. Customize the pleasure with eight speeds of the spherical tip, which twists and rotates to unlock new pleasure meridians. Enjoy soft swirls or intense pulsations with different circular rotation modes for heightened stimulation.

“This thing is my new best friend! It’s amazing solo or with a partner. This is definitely the best toy I’ve ever bought, and I have a whole box full of them.”

Price: $108 on Amazon. 

3. Dual Stimulation Vibrator for Couples- We-Vibe Chorus

Are you in a long-distance relationship or looking to spice up sex play from afar? Look no further than the We-Vibe Chorus, a couples’ vibrator featuring dual stimulation and over ten different settings and vibration modes with a touch-sense remote that responds to your human touch. The harder you squeeze, the more intense the vibrations. Oof!

“I love how this toy hits 2 of my favorite places at a time. Combine that with ten different modes, and it’s definitely a match made in heaven. I am a very happy customer because of this item.”

Price: $199.95 from Ella Paradis

4. Oral Sex Simulator for Solo Sex – Bombex

Looking for some sensual R&R? Then grab the small and mighty BOMBEX sucking vibrator. This little puppy packs a punch with ten different settings to simulate the sensation of oral sex with pulsating, throbbing, and sucking sensations. This uses the same air suction design as the iconic Womanizer, but for a smaller price tag. Who needs a partner when you’ve got this fun sex toy at hand? 

It’s perfect for masturbation or foreplay; in any setting, the sucking stimulation is sure to get your engine revved by overwhelming the sensitive clitoral tissues. Travel up North for some nipple play, and you’re set. For the best sensations, combine with ample lube! 

“Best orgasm of my life. This little vibe has so many different settings and intensities that there’s really something for everyone. The first time I used this toy, I orgasmed in under a minute, this toy is life-changing.” 

We’ll take one!

Price: $32.98 on Amazon 

5. Full Body Fun For Two – Satisfyer Endless Love

Let’s face it; sex can become one-note at times. Well, not anymore with the Satisfyer Endless Love stimulation vibrator! Not your mama’s vibrator, this bad boy has three motors and over 100 vibration combinations! Talk about versatility. Enrich couple’s sex or bring it into your solo adventures; it even functions as a cock ring for partnered pleasure for penises. If variety is what you seek, you’ll find it in this multivibrator that’ll entice multiple erogenous zones (sensitive sexual arousal spots) for ultimate pleasure possibilities.

“My girlfriend loves the satisfier. She screams all the way around the house when she’s using it; the bed, almost broken. She goes nuts.”

Ready to go nuts? A word of caution: find a good, sturdy bed before use.

Price: $34.98 on Amazon

6. Travel-Sized Bullet Vibrator – LELO Mia 2

If you’re looking for a discreet, compact vibrator for solo or partner play, allow us to introduce you to the LELO MIA 2, which at a glance looks like a lipstick case. Featuring six vibration settings, this pocket-sized pleasure maker has a sculpted tip for clitoral stimulation. Its USB-rechargeable port makes on-the-go satisfaction fit into your lifestyle. Throw it in your bag, purse, or bedside table. Wherever you keep it, a tantalizing clitoral massage is within arm’s reach. 

“We are an older couple and use this as a couple’s toy. I bought the Mia for travel just as Lelo advertises… It does look like a stylish makeup applicator, so I imagine it won’t become embarrassing at a bag check. Although it works best as a clitoral vibrator, as it’s designed, it is just long enough to reach into the g-spot. The Mrs. gives it a wholehearted thumbs up in both words and actions.”

Price: $69.99 on Amazon

7. G-Spot Dual Rabbit Vibrating Massager

What does the Better Love Bunny Vibe g-spot rabbit vibrator offer? Better question: what doesn’t it offer? Entice all your sweet spots with multi-faceted penetrative sex, featuring ten vibration settings and patterns for intoxicating pleasure. If you’re in the mood for a dynamic orgasm, let the powerful motor, internal vibration, g-spot stimulation, and vaginal play send you soaring to new heights. 

“WOW! I was a tad intimidated initially as I had never used a rabbit before, nor felt like I needed to until I saw this on offer and wanted to treat myself. It caused the most incredible build-up of an orgasm I’ve ever had… Its silky silicone and girth are perfectly sensual for those solo trips. Several choices in terms of patterns and speeds, just enough to get you where you need to be.”

Price: $58.79 from Ella Paradis

8. Remote Play Dual Vibrator – PHANXY

The truth is that many women can’t orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone. And that’s where dual vibrators come into the mix, keeping the clitoris stimulated as the pleasure builds. With its adjustable fit, body-safe silicone, and Dual stimulation for g-spot, clitoris, or anal play, you’ll want for naught with this handy toy.  

Plus, it’s quiet and discreet, offering complete privacy as you enjoy solo sex or partner play. Find new pleasure spots with multi-stimulation and get ready to roar.

“Best. Vibrator. Ever!!! I bought this product a week ago, and I have to admit I’m a bit obsessed with it. It stimulates all the right parts and can bring me to climax in a matter of minutes. My g-spot hasn’t been this happy in ages!”

Price: $33.99 on Amazon

9. Ergonomic Vibrator – Lelo

Can you hold ultimate pleasure in the palm of your hand? Yes, yes, you can with this petite, scented massager in enticing aromas of lavender and manuka honey that will elevate the intimacy. If you’re in the mood for sensual stimulation, allow eight powerful vibration modes and a soft matte finish to create a desirable, effecting experience that entices multiple sensations. It’s rechargeable, 100% waterproof, and even has a 10-year quality guarantee, offering a multi-sensory experience that’ll have you raving to your girlfriends.

“I just got this and was pretty eager to try it out, especially since I only really like clitoral stimulation in sex. I’m very glad to have found a high-quality toy that isn’t meant for insertion! Overall, this thing is fantastic — strong, soft, easy to clean, a pleasant design.”

Price: $97.30 on Amazon

10. G-Spot Bluetooth Vibrator – OhMiBod Esca 2

If you’re not up to speed on sex tech yet, then you might want to dip your toes in the water with the OhMiBod Esca 2 Bluetooth-enabled g-spot vibrator. With app-controlled functionality, your partner can turn up the heat from anywhere in the world, whether they’re overseas or at work. Spice up solo sex by involving your honey from a distance. With four vibration patterns, three vibration levels, and a 5” g-spot length, this sex toy is sure to keep the bedroom interesting!

“My husband had to go away on a business trip, and we were still able to feel intimate with one another even though he was so far away! I can imagine the wonders it would do to couples in long-distance relationships. The app is cool and easy to use. I highly recommend for those that still need some loving while their partner is away. This is one of the coolest sex toys I’ve ever had!”

Price: $152.89 on Ella Paradis

 11. Ultimate Climaxer – Luna Rechargeable Massager Wand

When it comes to trying new sex toys, you truly can’t go wrong with a classic wand vibrator, especially the toe-curling, sheet gripping Luna Massager. This high-grade silicone toy boasts versatility with 20 patterns and eight speeds to deliver various intensity levels to satisfy your needs. When you find the perfect combination, its intuitive memory will pick things up right where you left off last time. There’s a reason the Luna is one of the best vibrators on Amazon’s bestseller list with over twenty thousand five star reviews… 

“This wand will have your toes curling and body shaking in SECONDS…. I’m so in love with this wand and can’t wait to use it more.”

“Wow… just wow. This is my first time ever using a personal massager. I never write reviews for anything… but this personal massager had me levitating off my bed, seeing Jesus and I finished in 3 minutes.” 


Price: $24.99 on Amazon

12. Customizable Rabbit Vibrator- Lora DiCarlo Osé 2

The Osé 2 from Lora DiCarlo certainly isn’t the cheapest sex toy on this list, but once you discover its capabilities like happy reviewers have, you’ll likely find it worth every heavy-lidded, chest heaving, satisfied penny. What makes this rabbit vibrator shine against others? As women, our bodies are each entirely unique, and so, too, should our sex toys be. This customizable rabbit is fully adjustable to reach your personal pleasure spots. 

And if that’s not enough, it offers blended orgasms with a g-spot massager and clitoral arouser. Three stroke lengths and positions reach internal pleasure zones, while ten airflow technology settings create oral sensations on the outer labia for external pleasure. When combined? *Explosion emoji!*

It may be a pretty penny, but this one boasts a big bang for your buck.

“Worth every penny. The positioning is perfect. It can take a little time to get it positioned just right, but after a few uses to figure out what your body needs, it’s amazing. Consistently provides incredibly strong, blended orgasms. No numbness or hypersensitivity like I can experience with some of my other go-to clit/g spot toys.”

Price: $250 from Lora DiCarlo

13. Hands-Free Couple’s Vibrator – Dame Products Eva

A hands-free wearable vibrator? Yes, please. Eva is also great for solo sex, with a 3-speed motor, medical-grade silicone, and charging case. Wear this vibrator in the vulva, and tuck the wings under your labia and enjoy tantalizing clitoral stimulation while having penetrative sex with your partner. With your hands available to meander elsewhere, your main stimulation zones are covered, which means you can cover more ground elsewhere and experience enhanced pleasure. 

“I love my Eva. I tried it as soon as I got it, and it’s perfect. The lowest level of vibrating was just right for me. It has two more intense levels of vibrating, but they were too strong for me. I’m so glad I got my Eva. Being 74 yrs old, I can’t believe I found something that’s so little but gives so much pleasure!”

Price: $135 from Dame Products

14. Original Magic Wand Vibrator

Rounding out our list of the best sex toys is the original magic wand vibrator. I could tell you about the various vibration patterns and intensity levels, but I wouldn’t do it justice compared to this review from Kalen:

“I’m writing this from my grave. I have ascended. My boyfriend and I have ascended. I dreamed of owning this particular wand for many moons. There were people sleeping next door. They are probably awake now.

I’d feel guilty if my soul didn’t leave my body and enter a new dimension. Cave in. Do it. Get it. You need it. I don’t think I have bones anymore. I have turned into jello. 

10/10 muscle relief. This is the cure to depression. This is the cure to everything. I have never thought more clear in my life. I’d like to thank the academy. Thank you technology. Thank you, guy who thought of these things in the first place. Thank you internet. I’m going to die peacefully now. Tell my cats I love them.”

May she rest in pleasure.

Price: $59.95 on Amazon

Ready To Turn Up The Heat?

If you’re ready to spice up your sex life, sex toys are a great addition to bring into the bedroom. Solo or partnered up, toys keep sex exciting, fun, and liberating.

And if you’re a little intimidated at first, that’s normal. But the good news is that you’re in full control to explore and experiment comfortably. Each body is complex, and we all have unique needs and desires. If you keep an open mind and experiment until you find the right toy, you may find yourself roaring at the height of your best orgasm yet. For a deeper dive into the science of pleasure with more tips for finding your sexual self, read The Sexual Woman.

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