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25 Gifts & Stocking Stuffers for Travelers 

A frequent traveler opens a gift from a friend.

By Franki Hanke

All year long, we’ve shared our wanderlust, but we know more than just the best cannoli in Sicily, we know all the best items to pack for your next trip or to gift to the frequent traveler on your list. To simplify your shopping, we’ve split this gift guide for traveler up by budget, but remember you can combine several smaller gift ideas into a themed gift set. 

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Travel Gifts Under $15

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers for a seasoned traveler, these are the best travel gifts for a tight budget. 

Batiste dry shampoo is on our gift guide for traveler because aerosol products are a must-have in travel sizes (you can't re-pot from a larger container).

Mini Dry Shampoo ($3 to $6)

Travel can throw off your hair-washing routine, and that full-size dry shampoo takes up way too much space, so a travel-sized version is the perfect stocking stuffer for a traveler. 

Shop on Amazon | Target

A first aid kit is an essential for a frequent traveler, and Welly's attractive packaging makes it an even better gift.

Welly First Aid Kit ($7)

A ripped cuticle or small cut at home is just a quick run to the medicine cabinet, but when you’re traveling… suddenly you’re traipsing to a pharmacy! Instead, gift Welly’s convenient (and cute) mini first aid kit with colorful bandages , single-use ointments, and hand sanitizers. 

Shop on Target: Pastel Rainbow | Colorful Green

Deodorant wipes by Pacifica are a product the traveler in your life might not know exists, but they will love once they have them.

Deodorant Wipes ($7) 

These wipes are my toiletry secret weapon. They can transform me from a grouchy, sweaty mess into a refreshed, smiling human from a bathroom stall! They are gentle on the skin with a light scent that removes that plane funk. Plus, Pacifica’s packaging is cute enough to gift, and they are liquid free for your carry-on. 

Shop on Amazon | Target | Ulta

While they're packaged for blemishes, these hydrocolloid bandages are great for travelers' blisters.

Welly Hydrocolloid Bandages ($9)

Welly wins at packaging. Their useful, colorful tins are adorable to gift, to use, and keep bandages organized in a travel bag. While this are labeled as blemish or acne bandages, the hydrocolloid style is perfect for blisters! 

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Using full-sized heads, these travel-friendly razors are handy, practical gifts.

Venus Mini Travel Razor ($10)

I bought this miniature razor over five years ago, and it’s my go-to razor still (with fresh heads). It’s a shortened, travel handle that uses the same full-size heads for a travel-friendly size with the same quality shave you’d have at home. 

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Planes are dry, and Cicaplast hand lotion protects your giftee's hands from being dry too.

Travel Size Hand Lotion ($11) 

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast hand cream is full of high-performance skincare ingredients like niacinamides with glycerin for that protective skin layer perfect for fighting off dryness on planes. 

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On our gift guide for traveler is an acrylic luggage tag.

Acrylic Luggage Tag ($13)

Every traveler needs their information tagged to their suitcase. This engraved tag ensures the information stays attached and legible with a sturdy leather or stainless steel loop and a wide variety of customizable colors to match their other travel gear. 

Shop from LittleDotStudio on Etsy

Silk Eye Mask ($15) 

A silk eye mask is essential for a traveler to avoid the lights on a plane or sunlight in a hotel. This simple, black mask is gentle, but stable even if they toss and turn. 

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Help your giftee keep track of their valuables with an Airtag wallet.

Airtag Passport Holder ($15)

Losing your valuables is every traveler’s nightmare, but this protective passport wallet has a built-in spot for an Apple Airtag to keep this essential document trackable. 

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Find more stocking stuffers in How to Stuff a Stocking (even as a Bad Gift Giver). 

Travel Gifts $15 to $35

Compression Packing Cubes ($20)

If you’re gifting to someone who likes to pack for all possibilities (like Editor Emma) then they need packing cubes. They condense clothing to fit more and organize outfits or items together.

If your recipient already owns compression cubes, having extras won’t hurt at all!  

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Travel Pill Box ($20)

Pack too many pill bottles and you sound like a maraca at the airport, but if you forget to bring any you’re stuck overpaying for a single dose. Avoid that this Christmas by gifting these convenient, cute travel cases designed to hold a few of your top three medications for relief on the go. It’s a great gift that’s convenient for any frequent traveler. 

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Hydrapak Stash Collapsible Water Bottle ($25)

Staying hydrated while traveling can be a challenge, but this collapsible water bottle makes it easier to refill frequently without toting a heavy bottle around when it’s empty. Used frequently by hikers, Hydrapak is reliable and high-quality compared to trendier silicone stash bottles. 

Buy on Amazon

Travel Jewelry Box ($25)

Choose from 12+ different colors for just the one to match their style with this conveniently small jewelry box perfect for keep earrings and necklaces organized and safe while traveling. 

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Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Set ($28)

Saving space in your liquid baggie or ditching it altogether makes TSA a breeze! So, if they haven’t already discovered solid alternatives to their favorite toiletries, it’s the perfect gift. Kitsch makes strengthening products with rice water proteins that are plastic and liquid-free! 

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Away Compression Socks ($28)

Makers of one of the internet’s best-selling suitcases have added compression socks to their line-up with quick-drying, odor-resistant socks that can minimize discomfort even on that long flight into Europe. Their fabric resists odor enough to be worn a few times before washing. 

Shop on Away

Lay-N-Go Cosmetic Bag ($30)

After receiving this as a gift myself, my old toiletry bag pales in comparison. This is the messy unpackers dream because it scrunches small (with all your makeup inside) to toss into a tote but then opens into a contained pile so you can “move in” to your Airbnb fast! 

Some of the fabric options are water-resistant for easier cleaning. 

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Pocket Hand Sanitizer Discovery Set ($34)

Noshinku creates unique hand sanitizer scents with the same effective germ-fighting power as the usual alcohol-y ones. This discovery kit includes four different scents for frequent travelers to try, and once they know their favorite, the packaging is designed to be re-filled with a bulk refill bag so their last plastic waste long-term. 

Once you know their favorite scent, bookmark the refill pouch for their next gift! 

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Travel Gifts $35 to $50

Stitch Your Own Travel Journal ($40)

This unique spin on a travel journal is designed to add new stitch markers to each destination you’ve visited. While traveling, the cover protects a journal inside, ideal for recording observations or memories, but once home again, the attractive leather cover is perfect as a decorative coffee table book. 

The inside notebook is removable so the faux leather cover is reusable long-term while the map grows in from New York to Paris! 

Shop on Etsy

National Park Canvas Pennant ($42)

Pay tribute to their favorite travel destination or road trip stop-over with a variety of pennant designs from Wild Northland’s Ohio-based business. Each one is hand-painted with the selected design for a custom, unique gift referencing an American park. 

Shop on Etsy: See All | River Gorge | Hocking Hills 

Infinity Travel Pillow ($45)

Unlike the traditional horseshoe-shaped neck pillow, this unique looped shape has more useful configurations allowing you to support your neck, arms, and lower back. The wide range of colors makes coordination with their suitcase or style too. The looped shape is easier for hands-free carrying as it can hang around your torso or bag easily or it’s easily packable when rolled tightly. 

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Travel Gifts $50 to $100

Rechargeable Power Bank

A dead phone is annoying on a good day, but dangerous on a bad one. Gift the convenience and peace of mind of extra battery life with the Mophie large, external battery charger with three USB ports for a portable charger hub. 

This can be used to re-charge multiple gadgets including their iPhone, earbuds, or e-reader. 

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Travel Gifts $100+ 

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

An e-reader is a game changer for reading from the plane to the poolside. It’s lightweight (even if you’re “packing” ten books). 

If they already own a Paperwhite, gift them the budget for some new books with a Kindle gift card. Amazon offers cute gift card boxes to make it a bit more impactful. 

Shop Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon | Holiday Gift Card with Box | Amazon Prime Truck Gift Card Holder

Travel-Day Joggers ($118)

Anyone who travels knows that more than any neck pillow, what matters is your pants! A tight waistband will dig in all flight, but overly comfy items can end up sweaty or frumpy on a long travel day. The perfect middle ground is multi-functional with the comfort and style needed to transition from the plane to their first activity. 

For that blend between style, comfort, and function, we turn to Lululemon for their breathable, scuba-cotton blend available in feminine and masculine silhouettes for all the travelers on your list. 

Shop Men’s | Women’s 

Cashmere T-Shirt ($118)

Travel is where comfort and versatility thrive. With a fine, elevated look and soft, relaxed fit, this cashmere t-shirt is ultra-rewearable throughout an entire trip from a casual travel outfit (with the joggers below) to a dressier dinner look. 

This is a handwash item as cashmere often is. 

Shop on J.Crew

Dagne Dover Landon Neoprene Carryall Bag ($185)

Dagne Dover has been trending in the travel accessories space, but for good reason. Their travel bags’ high price tags are backed up with functional features and sleek colors. The carryal bag comes in a variety of sizes to fit to your giftees packing list and features a convenient sleeve for stacking on a roller bag and interior pockets that make it easier to find small items during a long-haul flight. Compared to a travel backpack, the broad opening is easier to accessing items. It’s a practical gift that upgrades one of their travel essentials. 

The extra zippered “shoe bag” is ideal for bulky Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones or an extra pair of shoes. 

Shop on Dagne Dover

Need more ideas? 

Read more gift guides for more ideas for everyone on your list from the seasoned hostess to the makeup artist

Hunting for the perfect gift during the holiday season can be stressful, but I hope this gift guide for traveler helped find a fun, practifical gift for your recipient. 

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