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Where to Get the Best Cannoli in Palermo, Sicily

A hand is holding one of the best cannoli in Palermo.

By Franki Hanke

Contrary to the famous saying, when in Sicily, you do what the tourists do and find the closest Sicilian cannolo. But, for your best Italian experience, you should try the best cannoli in Palermo. 

Wait, what’s a cannolo?

We call them cannoli in English, but in proper, Italian grammar, that’s the plural form. A singular “cannoli” is actually cannolo. Cannoli feature a crispy, tube-shaped shell fried in lard that’s filled with sheep’s milk ricotta cheese. Traditional garnishes include candied orange peels or chopped pistachios. 

The origins of cannoli are murky with some crediting carnival pranks played on nuns while others reference an Arabic convent with secret pastry recipes. Either way, cannoli are now an essential part of Sicilian cuisine. 

How We Generated This List

I’m just one person, and I haven’t visited Palermo in years, so how can you trust my judgment on every Sicilian cannoli out there? Well, I did my research! I’ve scoured for everyone else’s opinions internet-wide to compile the popular picks from every source so you can read one article and know the consensus from dozens of articles. With each recommendation, I let you know who all agree that’s a top cannoli! 

A hand holds up a cannoli in the streets of Palermo, Sicily.

Where is the Best Cannoli in Palermo


Via Maqueda, 397, 90133 Palermo PA, Italy

If you’re looking for gluten-free cannoli, you’re in luck at Cannolissimo. Customize your dough, filling, and topping here for your perfect cannoli. Choose a classic, chocolate, white chocolate, or pistachio shell then fill with five+ ricotta filling variations and several toppings including both nuts and/or candied fruit toppings. You can read menus and, usually, speak with the staff here in English, though the accessibility comes with the trade-off of being a bit more touristy. 

Cannolissimo is mentioned by TasteAtlas (with 11 critic reviews), Travel Munchers, and The Sydney Morning Herald as one of the best cannoli in Palermo. 

Pasticceria da Josè

Via Messina Marine, 265/267, 90123 Palermo PA, Italy

Alongside gelato, Pasticceria da Josè serves cannoli that have satisfied a lot of native Italian speakers (who left effusive reviews on TripAdvisor) though some find it too expensive compared to competing pastry shops. Their toppings include a mix of chocolate chips and candied fruit. 

Pasticceria da Josè is mentioned by Agrodolce, Conde Naste Traveler, and TasteAtlas (with four critic reviews) as one of the best cannoli in Palermo. 

Pasticceria Costa

Via Gabriele D’Annunzio, 15, 90144 Palermo PA, Italy

With two locations and home delivery, Costa’s cannoli may be easier to get your hands on. They are simply garnished with a few specks of chocolate and a candied orange peel. 

Pasticceria Costa is mentioned by Agrodolce as one of the best cannoli in Palermo. They’re the third most-reviewed cannoli spot in Palermo on TripAdvisor, too. 

Pasticceria Oscar 1965

Via Mariano Migliaccio, 39, 90145 Palermo PA, Italy

If you wanted a hole-in-the-wall pastry shop, this isn’t that. Oscar 1965 is well-established and popular, but all their Italian desserts dazzle. 

Pasticceria Oscar 1965 is mentioned by TasteAtlas (with four critic reviews) and Agrodolce as one of the best cannoli in Palermo. 

Pasticceria Cappello – TripAdvisor’s Top Rec

Via Nicolò Garzilli, 19, 90141 Palermo PA, Italy

Serving a variety of notable Sicilian sweets, Cappello’s cannoli is equally delicious as their famous cake. It’s a classic Sicilia cannolo with a simple crispy shell and candied orange peel garnish. Choose between a petite or grande version. 

Pasticceria Cappello is mentioned by For Booking Lovers, Bounce,  and Agrodolce as one of the best cannoli in Palermo. 

Cannoli & Co

Via Maqueda, 266, 90133 Palermo PA, Italy

While their internet presence is likely inflating their popularity, you can’t deny the appeal of Cannoli & Co’s mouthwatering variations on the cannolo, but their mascarpone-ricotta mix wouldn’t be considered traditional, Palermo-style. 

Cannoli & Co is mentioned by SageLovesFood and Eatsplorations as one of the best cannoli in Palermo. 

I Segreti del Chiostro – 

Piazza Bellini, 33, 90133 Palermo PA, Italy

Their cannoli are full of proper, sheep’s ricotta cheese with a strong, rich flavor. They are filled to order, which ensures your shell stays crunchy as it should be! Their shelves show the natural variation of their handmade nature. 

I Segreti del Chiostro is mentioned by BBC Travel, Infatuation, Authentic Food Quest, See Italy Travel, and Joe Baur as one of the best cannoli in Palermo and won Travelers’ Choice in 2022 on TripAdvisor. 

La Dolceria di Santa Caterina

Piazza Bellini, 90133 Palermo PA, Italy

Inside a monastery, this bakery makes fresh, hand-filled cannoli. You’ll watch your shell be filled and then pick from traditional toppings: chocolate, pistachio, orange peel, or a cherry. 

La Dolceria di Santa Caterina is mentioned by Abroad and Hungry, Flashback Traveler, and Dream Team Travels as one of the best cannoli in Palermo. 

Best Cannoli Near Palermo

Extra Bar in Piana delgi Albanesi

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 4, 90037 Piana degli Albanesi PA, Italy

Home to the Cannoli & Friends festival in April, Piana delgi Albanesi, Italy is a cannoli destination. While there, you have to try a historic cannoli recipe with “rough” ricotta which maintains some of its crumbly texture and is sweetened simply with honey. 

Extra Bar is mentioned by Eater and Fodors as one of the best cannoli in Palermo. 

Euro Bar in Dattilo (near Trapani)

Via Garibaldi, 11/13, 91027 Dattilo TP, Italy

Notably large, Euro Bar’s cannolo measures 23 centimeters long with an unsweetened filling that has no extra sugar, leaving a dense, almost salty flavor compared to sweet ricotta at other shops to pair against the crunch of the cannoli shell. There’s no added garnish besides a bit of chocolate. 

Euro Bar is mentioned by TasteAtlas (with 13 critic reviews), CondeNaste Traveler, Fodors as one of the best cannoli in Palermo. 

If Palermo is only one stop on your Mediterranean tour, read our Sicily itinerary for Palermo and Catania.

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