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Best Sex Furniture for Beginners to Supported Sex

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By Franki Hanke

The best sex of your life might also be the most comfortable. 

For many, the term “sex furniture” summons images of Dungeon-esque sex swings, but modern selection for sex furniture is sleek, subtle, and more comfortable than ever. In fact, the best sex furniture doesn’t look sexual at all.

But first, what’s sex furniture?

Sex furniture is supportive pieces made to enable more comfortable sex. They are usually multi-functional and support a variety of sex positions. By bearing some bodyweight, they minimize the physical demands of sex or lift the body for better angles and positioning. It’s the only way to feel weightless during sex (without dating a bodybuilder, at least). 

Now, if you type “sex furniture” willy-nilly on Amazon, you may be affronted with a slew of flimsy inflatables or tacky faux leather, but if you know what to buy there are high-quality, comfortable pieces that don’t look out of place even if you do leave them in plain sight. Our picks for the best sex furniture are all sleek and non-offensive to look at.

What kind of sex furniture is there?

There’s a huge range of options when it comes to sex furniture. The most subtle, versatile options are sex pillows or wedges. These are usually smaller, focused on support and positioning, and easy for first-time use. 

Sex chairs and lounges are larger with more serious support (at a larger size). 

Sex stools are a smaller, specialized variant to sex chairs. These are largely designed for riding positions and are meant to take the weight off of the bottom-partner or the rider’s knees/thighs by holding the butt up and then allowing for an up-down motion with flexible bands in the center. 

On the far end of the spectrum from wedges as “easy to use,” sex swings are an option. Often seen in a fetish context, sex swings provide full-body lift. Most in-home options are door swings. 

For beginners, we’re recommending the least intimidating, easiest options to introduce so you have the best sex furniture experience possible. 

The Best Sex Furniture for Beginners

Liberator Wedge – Small & Subtle

My absolute top recommendation for anyone is the Liberator Wedge. It’s an angled pillow made of high-density foam that’s sturdy and supportive, but soft to lean into. 

The producer, Liberator will soon be a very familiar name. They are the big boy for sex furniture because all their products have the same key sell-points.

→ High-quality, high-density foam that won’t weaken or sag over time

→ Removable, machine-washable microfiber covers for easy clean-up (and no more lube splotches on your sheets)

→ Poly-nylon inner liners to repel moisture and protect the base pillow

The Wedge in particular is a perfect sex pillow for anyone because it’s relatively small (comparable to a normal bed pillow in scale) and discreet in style. You might have tried to DIY this sensation with a pillow tucked under your butt or hips, but this is so much better. Even better, it’s functional outside of sex for sitting up reading, watching tv, or working at the “soft office.” In the living room, no one would clock it as a sex toy. 

But, that doesn’t mean it’s not an instant upgrade for your sex life! Design-wise, it has a subtle, 27-degree angle to lift up the butt and hips. That’s perfect for a more comfortable neck-angle during oral sex or a lift during penetrative sex that better reaches the g-spot. It can make your favorite sex positions easier and more new positions possible. 

For solo-play, using a wedge pillow can lessen the strain on your wrist (particularly when using a dildo/vibrator) by lifting you up slightly. Plus, a better angle means even a less-than-stellar toy can suddenly reach the right places. 

The Liberator Wedge comes in several colors. It’s available from Amazon for $90.  

Liberator Wedge Plus-Size

Liberator sells three variants of this best-seller. Recommended for anyone over 300 pounds, the Liberator Wedge Plus-Size has an additional six inches of width across. The extra space is a benefit for many people though, regardless of size. It allows for more space to center your body and spread out. 

For an extra $20, the Plus-Size version is a fair upgrade. 

The Liberator Wedge Plus-Size comes in six colors. It’s available from Amazon for $90.

Liberator Black Label Wedge

If you’d like to intermix some subtle BDSM kink, then consider an upgrade to the Liberator Black Label Wedge. This is the same sex wedge, but with some added attachment points for bondage play. This way you can experience the sensation of bed restraints without the extra work. 

Liberator Ramp – Full-Body Support

If you’ve got more space, the Liberator Ramp offers serious full-body support. This oversized ramp is larger enough to hold most of your body weight (and a partner’s too, depending on position). 

The ramp itself comes in three sizes to better fit to you: short (32” max lift), regular (34” max lift), and tall (36” max lift). It has a larger 45-degree angle and provides considerable lift to the body. 

Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo

The ramp is best experienced in tandem with the wedge, which is why they are also sold as a combo. 

With the wedge, you can move the two pieces for a larger variety of positions. The texture of the covers minimizes the slide, so you can create the exact supportive shape you’d like (almost like a customizable sex chair) for whatever position you’re trying. For many users, it’s entirely changed positions like riding-on-top where the physical strain is a barrier. 

Just like the Wedge, the Ramp offers a Black Label variant with added clip-in spots for some light bondage play. 

If you’re interested in experimenting with the bare minimum pieces of sex furniture, the Wedge and Ramp combination have maximum versatility for different sexual positions of any other options. Unless you’re into investing $600 for a legitimate chaise, sex lounger a la the Liberator Esse, this is the best sex “chair.”

While the pricing of Liberator’s sex furniture look high, these are incredible high-quality pieces that make better sex easy. I’ve owned both these pieces personally for half a decade and they show no signs of age. You’ll invest once and own them forever. 

The Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo is, as of last update, currently almost the same as the ramp alone for $219 (depending on size). The Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo (Plus Size) is $290. The Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo is $300+ depending on your add-ons. 

Bondage Boutique Sex Stool

Last up, we have our best find for the elusive sex stool. With a supportive, metal frame, this stool lifts you up above your partner or toy mount. Then, reinforced elastic in the middle (beneath your groin) offers the flexibility to bounce and ride up and down. 

With a weight limit just above 300 pounds, this sex stool is the strongest we’ve found for hands-free, easy riding. If riding is usually hard on your knees, hips, or thighs, this is the solution. 

However, this recommendation comes with some caveats. 

This isn’t as versatile or as easy to get started with as the Liberator Wedge. This stool comes from Lovehoney flat-packed with assembly required. Even for two people, it can be a chore to put together for the first time because of the strength of the materials. Once built, it dismantles for easier storage in between use. 

While the weight limit is one of the best out there in terms of strength, the dimensions may still not work for everyone. 

→ The width of the two bars on either side is 16.5”. So, if you’re using a toy mount or suction-cup dildo, there’s no issue fitting that beneath the stool. However, a partner may not comfortably fit beneath the frame. 

→ The height of the seat isn’t adjustable and is 13” tall from floor to top frame. When you’re sitting, your legs will likely add additional support on either side (so consider your height). 

Then, when the bands stretch from your body weight, you’ll close this distance. Depending on everyone involved and their body sizes, consider if 13” will provide the right amount of spacing for comfortable reaching each other (and optimizing any penetration). If you use the stool on a bed, the distance may appear smaller (as the stool can sink down slightly) versus on a firm surface like the floor, the distance will be maximized.

The Bondage Boutique sex stool is available from Lovehoney for $100. 

What’s best for you?

Ultimately, the best sex furniture for you depends on you! However, these three recommendations cover the most popular positions at the highest quality available. 

For a first-time purchase, the wedge or stool provides the smallest investment. 

→ For fans of on-the-back or on-the-stomach style positions, opt for the Wedge. 

→ For fans of vertical/riding positions, opt for the stool. 

Whether you’re hoping to enhance your love life with a partner or yourself, reducing the physical demands of sex makes it all the more enjoyable. Just think, when you’re not thinking about a stiff neck or burning thighs, you can pay more attention to the good stuff.

If you’re looking for the best sex furniture to alleviate any sexual issues, consider reading our guide The Sexual Woman for an easy read to unleash your sexual self.

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