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30 Ways to Make Siri (or Alexa) Your New Personal Assistant

It’s more than just a little slice of Star Trek action in your everyday life.  When Siri first debuted, I ...
Some of the Best Instant Pot Dinners aren't even challenging to make.

90 Instant Pot Dinners You Need to Cook

Don’t want to repeat meals for three months? No problem.
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45 Cheap, Quick, and Healthy Weeknight Dinners

Stop asking “What should we eat?” and get cooking instead. 
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12 Tips for a Fun, Safe Post-Pandemic Road Trip

Plan right for a safe road trip!
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How To Wear Workout Clothes All Day

“Everything you wear is some kind of yoga pant.”  First, I was startled that my husband noticed that I actually ...
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The Pros and Cons of Tiny Home Living +20 Great Floor Plans

I have a confession. I’m a tiny house junkie.  I’ve always had some odd, time-wasting fixation that the internet is ...