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Couple on an ice rink in New York are celebrating Valentine's Day in Manhattan and holding hands.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Manhattan

It’s time to wear red and have some fun!
Woman having an 8-minute phone call to boost happiness in 2023.

6 Ways to Be Happier in Under 10 Minutes

This year, dedicate an hour a day to being happier.
Woman laying in bed preparing to sleep.

How to Survive the Day After a Bad Night’s Sleep 

Eight tips for making the best of the next day after a sleepless night
Woman watching holiday romantic comedies on her laptop on couch.

Best Christmastime Romantic Comedies

Just what girl’s night needed!
Family on couch with popcorn to watch their favorite holiday family movies.

Best Holiday Movies to Watch with Family

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you where to stream them, too.
Two woman celebrating a Christmas tradition. They are smiling and laughing.

The Impact of Family Holiday Traditions

Alternatively titled, why do we do this?
Woman struggles with managing holiday stress with her head in her hands.

Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

Stop celebrating stress-mas.
A woman looks serious while laying on couch in front of Christmas tree.

Combating Seasonal Affective Disorder Over the Holidays

Nothing like seasonal depression to set the mood.
A woman is stressed because she hasn't mastered how to say no during Christmastime.

How to Say No Over the Holidays

Because boundaries are better than breakdowns.
A group of friends watching fall 2022 new releases in the movie theater.

19 Movies to Watch This Fall

Don’t miss these upcoming blockbusters.
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