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5 Travel Tips You Don’t Know Yet

Women comparing travel tips while on vacation.

By Franki Hanke

A lot of travel tips we’ve heard before, but what are some of the underrated travel tips that even a seasoned traveler might be overlooking? Well, that’s what these are! 

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We’ve talked about a lot of the best tips for saving money and enjoying your travels more. Explore more tips in our previous travel tip articles

Save on Foreign Currency Exchanges

Wise travel money card is an alternative to your typical debit or credit card with lower exchange rates and free ATM withdrawals every month so you can save money when using foreign currency. 

Wise offers a host of services for using your money around the world, but their travel money card is a cheaper alternative to exchanging cash at the airport. 

  • Convert your money into 40 currencies from Thailand’s baht to Bali’s Indonesian rupiah.
  • Withdrawal up to $100 a month from an ATM for free. If you need more than that, there are small fees. 
  • Connect to Google Pay or Apple Pay. 
  • Spend leftover currency back in the US for a small conversion fee. 

Look into Wise and compare it to your current method of exchanging currency or travel credit card, it may be cheaper! 

Person references Google Maps for directions while traveling.

Download Offline Resources

If you like to rely on Google Maps or Google Translate, download the offline files so you don’t need to rely on your cellular signal or WiFi to get around when off the beaten path. Wherever you’re visiting from Italy to Spain, download the native language file like Italian or Spanish before you set out so you can always translate a sign or menu. 

BONUS TIP: If you are navigating by map, use the voice directions in an earbud rather than looking at your screen to stay more aware and alert while looking less like a tourist. 

Ask Your Flight Crew for Reccs

We scour travel blogs for travel bloggers’ advice on places to visit beyond the usual popular destinations, but it’s hard to top advice from someone who’s been to all the vacation spots before! Oftentimes, asking a local (like an Uber driver) for a favorite spot to try, is a good idea, but don’t overlook your flight crew! 

When you’re disembarking, take a minute to ask the closest crew for a recommendation. You might learn about a hidden gem or underrated travel destination. 

BONUS TIP: Similar to a flight crew, a destination’s local subreddit often has sightseeing or foodie spotlights beyond the hot travel spots. Ahead of your trip, start browsing recent or popular posts in your specific destination’s forums for interesting, hidden cafes or the most beautiful places you might otherwise miss. 

Carry Your Hotel’s Business Card

How often do you forget the name of your hotel while traveling? For me, it’s honestly pretty often, but more importantly, your hotel or hostel’s business card makes communicating with taxi drivers much easier, especially if there’s a language barrier. 

Woman shows her phone to give directions to a driver.
Don’t rely on your phone or your native language skills to get around.

Carry several, and ensure they have the address, so you can hand a driver your card and ask to return there after your day trip. It’s much easier to ensure there’s no miscommunication when they have a written address and you don’t have to hand over your phone or other resource to show someone a business card. 

Bring Your Own Pillow (Sometimes)

If you’re traveling very light for a weekend getaway, you’ll have to skip this one, but for a long tour of Europe, having a familiar, specialized pillow can be the difference between sleeping well and suffering in a hotel. Most travel experiences are improved by being well-rested. 

Especially for road trips, your own pillow can help you catch up on sleep from the car or in a hotel. Pair that with an eye mask and you’ll sleep well. 

Read More Travel Tips

We’ve published some of the best travel tips we know already, so keep reading to know them all. If you’re headed to a specific destination for the first time, check for itineraries or recommendations from New York to Paris.  

→ Save money on luggage by shipping your bags

→ Remember your trip fondly by transitioning home well. 

Stay safe all the time from your hotel room to an emergency with travel insurance. 

→ Avoid airport hassle by packing smart

Find cheaper flights. 

Find the best Airbnb and other rentals. 

With all this travel advice, you’re ready to be a world-class traveler! Time to start ticking destinations off that bucket list, plan a road trip, and chase some waterfalls! 

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