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What Are the Best Intermittent Fasting Apps for Women?

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By Finer Things Contributors

Fad diets disappear as soon as they emerge. However, intermittent fasting (IF) continues to grow in popularity and has scientific studies to back it up.

Unlike most restrictive diets, intermittent fasting allows women to eat what they want while sticking to a fasting schedule.

Although this practice is simple, it can be challenging to adapt to the fasting period. Luckily, online tools are available for Apple iOS or Android users that focus on intermittent fasting in women.

Overview of Intermittent Fasting

Simply put, intermittent fasting is a scheduled eating pattern where you eat during a specified time frame and fast for the remainder.

This method allows you to focus on the eating period rather than what you can’t eat making it more manageable and easier to adhere to.

Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting For Women

Studies show that women who intermittently fast may positively impact their health.

Here are a few benefits backed by scientific research:

  • Induces essential cellular repair processes
  • Reduces inflammation, insulin resistance, and oxidative stress
  • May improve heart health
  • Potentially helps you live a longer life
  • Aids in body weight loss by boosting blood levels of human growth hormone

Some studies suggest that IF could reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes and even cancer.

Intermittent Fasting Windows

There are a few types of intermittent fasting, but here are the two most common options. For more details on different schedules, read our previous article Intermittent Fasting For Women Over 50 – A Complete Guide.

Time-Specific Eating

The most common form of time-specific eating is the 16:8 method. This consists of an 8-hour eating window and a 16-hour fast.

This option is one of the most popular fasting methods because you already fast for eight hours during sleep. Most will opt for a later breakfast or skip lunch to fast throughout the morning.

You can ease into time-specific eating by doing the 14:10 method, which has two fewer fasting hours.

Because neither will dramatically impact your usual eating routine, both are excellent beginner choices. As with all changes to your habits and routine, success with intermittent fasting requires you ease in and create something sustainable. 

24 Hours Fast

As the name suggests, your fasting hours would last 24 hours before eating again. Most women eat breakfast on day one and fast until breakfast on day two. You should only do a 24-hour fast once per week and eat as usual the rest of the week. 

This method is not for everyone. You may experience side effects like fatigue or headaches during your fasting day. Consult with your physician and a registered dietitian to ensure fasting is safe for your unique health. 

10 of the Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

If you are new to IF or want to keep better track, join a community of like-minded women and use one of the following online tools to stay on track. 


DoFasting emerged in 2019 after a friend group wanted to share their love for fitness, nutrition, and intermittent fasting.

This app features an easy-to-use tracker that offers various types of fasting like the 16:8 method, eat stop eat, and alternate-day fasting. You’ll access tools for hydration tracking, calorie tracking, and workouts. You’ll also get insights from nutritionists to keep you motivated.

Within the app, you can read expertly written articles that feature daily tips and recipes. 


Vora is an app that allows you to create, edit, and remove your fasts.

Choose your fasting method, and Vora will keep track and provide helpful analytics. There is also a community forum where you can post and get support on your intermittent fasting journey or help others with theirs.

Its simple design commits to providing users with data under the stats tab. In this tab, you can also enter and track your custom statistics.

Unfortunately for Android users, Vora is only available on iPhone via the Apple app store.

The app interface of Bodyfast, one of our favorite intermittent fasting apps, is very clean and easy to understand.
The app interface for Bodyfast is clean and friendly.


The Bodyfast app is a fasting tracker and meal tracker that offers easy record-keeping of eating habits and regular personalized insights.

You’ll get customized daily tips, a weight loss tracker, over one hundred recipes, and weekly fasting challenges to motivate you and help you stay focused.

Noom Intermittent Fasting Plan

Noom is a well-known nutrition app that focuses on easy-to-follow fitness and food intake help. You may not know that Noom has its own IF diet program.

This app allows you to customize your program with different IF styles. You will have access to trackers and daily tips to help you manage cravings, stay hydrated, and combat intermittent fasting challenges.

Noom offers a one-week free trial for those who want to try it before subscribing.


Zero is a popular IF app that focuses on goal-based IF plans, advanced tracking, and personalized insights.

This IF app helps you follow specific diets like low-carb, vegan, a keto diet, and intuitive eating for a more customizable approach.

You’ll have access to a timer, a journal, and a library of content like videos and articles by experts. You also have the option to join weekly challenges with friends to help with motivation.

Zero offers a paid plan called Zero Plus, which features custom plans, premium content, advanced statistics, and fasting zones. It also has an “Ask Zero” feature where you can submit questions to its panel of experts.


Fastic is an IF app with a community of over 20 million fasters who have similar goals. 

When you first access the app, you will answer a series of questions including your intended use of the app, why you’re using it, your current diet, and your eating schedule. From there, Fastic will provide you with a recommendation to complete the setup.

You can access features like a fasting timer, step counter, water tracker, and more for a well-rounded full-body health approach.

LIFE Fasting Tracker

LIFE Fasting Tracker helps users lose weight, reduce inflammation, and control blood sugar while sticking with a diet or fasting plan of their choice.

The free version has an IF timer, a supportive community of fasters, a learning library, and health calculators & assessments. You have the option to track your overall wellness by logging your measurements, weight, blood glucose, ketosis periods, and mood.

You also receive habit trackers to keep track of your daily water intake, flossing, and others to track your health, habit, and weight loss goals.

Premium users will get access to enhanced statistics, visual progress graphs, and an exclusive subscriber-only community.

FastHabit App

The FastHabit App helps you stay consistent on your intermittent fasting journey by allowing you to set your daily fasting times, receive reminders, track your weight, and sync to health apps like FitBit or an Apple Watch for live tracking of your current fast. 

You’ll receive regular statistics like streaks so you can see how many days in a row you’ve stuck to your goals to help keep you motivated.

Additionally, you have a guide to help you get started when you join.


Window focuses on eating rather than restricting so that you can form a healthy relationship with food while you fast. It is also very informative and has a lot of features to support your IF journey including a timeline, statistics, and a library of articles, stories, and infographics.

This app bases its notifications on your personalized fasting plans and eating habits so that you can get alerted when you need it.

You have access to a dashboard that includes a calendar, fasting plans, hydration tracker, and challenges. 

The interface for one of our favorite intermittent fasting apps, Ate.

Ate Food Diary

As the name suggests, Ate Food Diary is a food journal app that focuses on positive reinforcement and allows you to share on social media. You can easily fit this tool into your daily lifestyle and habits.

You’ll get insights into your existing healthy behaviors and tips to turn unhealthy habits into healthy ones.

This is a perfect online guide if you want to follow a body-positive and mindful approach to health. You won’t need to restrict or count calories while using this app.

Should you try intermittent fasting

While fasting is appearing more often within scientific literature, there is still discussion on the consistency of its benefits. Large-scale reviews point out gaps in our current understanding. As such, it’s imperative you explore an intermittent fasting diet carefully. 

Consult with your physician if you’re making large-scale changes to your lifestyle or have specific health concerns you’re attempting to improve. Start with smaller fast periods first and gauge your response. Your lifestyle and fitness habits will change what works for you, so listen to your body. 

If you have a history of disordered eating or an eating disorder, ask yourself seriously if practicing fasting will beneficial for your overall health, including your mental state. Ultimately, fasting is only beneficial if its sustainable as part of your normal life. 

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