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Our Top Seven Free Fitness Channels for Home Workouts

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By Franki Hanke

With free workouts like this, there’s really no excuse not to workout. 

I long ago ditched a gym membership in place of workout channels that let me workout from our living room. The only drawback is when the TV hasn’t reached full brightness and it reflects me back at myself. No thank you! 

Here are the fitness experts behind the best YouTube workout channels I turn to for everything from full-body workouts to cool-down stretches. 

1. Schellea Fowler – Fabulous50s

Schellea Fowler is an authority for a healthy, strong lifestyle at any age. She shares content across the full range of well-being. Her short, focused workout videos make it easy to build custom workout routines of the cardio and strength training elements you want. Just pick and choose! 

With a focus on the 50+ age range, Schellea offers a large variety of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) videos with low impact, standing orientations that are gentle on the knees and joints. She even has a series of walking workouts, so it’s easy to start.  

If you like some extra guidance, follow along with her 14-day challenges for a full-body, daily challenge. 

Where to Start? 

Start with her five-minute warm-up routine alongside whatever your next workout looks like. The combination of ten, full-body exercises eases you into whatever you’re doing next. It requires no equipment and uses your own bodyweight only. 

Check Out Schellea’s Youtube Channel and Website

2. Kelli & Daniel – Fitness Blender

With an absolutely huge library of existing videos, Fitness Blender is a one-stop-shop for any kind of exercise video. This husband and wife team offers a lot of intense HIIT workouts alongside a variety including Pilates, kickboxing, and strength training sets. Many of their cardio workouts trend towards a higher fitness level, but they have a wide range. 

Alongside the variety in content, their fitness videos range in length from under five minutes to brutal, full-length sessions over an hour. It makes it easy to choose the length that matches what you want. 

Where to Start? 

Jump in with their Active Recovery Workout. It’s one of their “easier” Pilates & Cardio blends that focus on toning and strength alongside relaxation. This 30-minute workout includes a warm-up and cool down, so you can just start. 

Check Out the Fitness Blender Youtube Channel and Website

3. PJ Wren – Fitness with PJ

PJ has an unwavering attitude with an anti-diet approach to weight loss and fitness goals. With 24 years as a fitness instructor, their focus is on strength and fitness accomplishments alongside a balanced lifestyle, rather than aggressive dieting. Better yet, PJ focuses specifically on women over 40, so all tutorials are tailored. 

They post new videos twice weekly on Monday and Tuesday across a range of playlists. Their Youtube workouts range from quick Tabata cardio and dumbbells-based bodybuilding to bodyweight exercises and mobility exercises. 

Where to Start? 

Jump in with a resistance band workout that trains the glutes, thighs, and hips with only a resistance band.  If you don’t have bands yet, we love this Peach set. 

Check Out PJ’s Youtube Channel and Website

The best Youtube workout channels for you will feature exercises you enjoy.

4. Adriene Mishler – Yoga with Adriene 

Whether you’ve been in hundreds of classes or don’t own a mat, it’s easy to try yoga with one of Adriene’s videos. She’s clear and inviting. Plus, her dog Benji shows up often which is sometimes the best part. 

Many of her videos address a specific concern, so it’s great when back pain or neck aches sneak up from other workouts or life in general to find some relief. 

Where to Start? 

Ease into things with a routine for a fresh start. A perfect compliment to pandemic stress or a new routine, this practice is about flexibility and strength alongside mindfulness. 

Check Out Adriene’s  Youtube Channel and Website

5. Caleb Marshall – The Fitness Marshall

Against the backdrop of popular hip-hop songs, Caleb layers aerobic, cardio dances to raise your heart rate. Even a few steps behind, the workouts are light-hearted and fun. 

I’ll be honest, I cannot keep up with most of what Caleb Marshall does, but among three million subscribers, I can’t be alone there! Caleb shares fast-paced dance workouts. But, even if you can’t keep up, it’s a change of pace from other workouts to shake up your week. 

Where to Start? 

Get your groove on with the Love Shack workout that is lower impact than the majority of his videos. Fair warning, it will get the song stuck in your head for weeks. 

Check Out Caleb’s Youtube Channel and Website

6. Daniel and Alex – Body Project

Body Project is the passion project of parents, Daniel and Alex. They show workouts that fit the life and schedules of equally busy people. Better yet, they invite other people on with them, but no one is a fellow personal trainer or marathon runner. Everyone featured in their videos looks human

Daniel’s energy is infectious and their attitude is always positive. Body Project features no diet talk, either. So, it’s great for those of us who want to work out without thinking of weight loss as a primary goal. 

Where to Start? 

Find your groove, with their fun, 15-minute cardio workout. This short, low-impact workout features some background music and lots of fun banter between the two of them. This isn’t a dance workout, but it’s got more fluid playfulness than normal.  

Check Out Caleb’s Youtube Channel and Website

7. Leslie Sansone – Walk at Home

The name is pretty self-explanatory. Leslie’s videos offer walking-based workouts that are low-impact and possible for any fitness level. The videos, with a room full of enthusiastic steppers, feels reminiscent of an 80s workout video, just without the leg warmers. 

Where to Start? 

Jump in with a mile-long walk in just fifteen minutes. Depending on your propensity to sweat, these are great to sneak into the middle of the day since walking is easy to do anywhere, in any clothes. 

Check Out Leslie’s Youtube Channel and Website

8. Joshua and Claudia Kozak – HASfit

Another husband and wife team, Joshua and Claudia Kozak make up HASfit. With over 1,000 full-length videos and workout routines, HASfit has something for everyone. That is, unsurprisingly, their whole idea. They believe “every heart and soul deserves to be fit.” 

Where to Start? 

Start with this 30-minute routine for someone who gets bored easily. Rather than lots of repetition, this workout keeps it fresh so you don’t lose focus. It’s low-impact and fit for beginners. Plus, Claudia offers adjusted versions of all exercises throughout. Expect to use a pair of dumbbells. 

Check Out the HasFit Youtube Channel and Website

If you’d rather workout from a dedicated app, there’s options there too. We’ve rounded up our six favorites. Remember when you’re working out at home that anything to elevate your heart rate, increase flexibility or comfort, or bring you joy is successful. Don’t be afraid to scale workouts down to your level, if needed. 

If you’d like more personalized support for your fitness goals, consider a personal trainer. Working one-on-one is a totally different experience than self-guided workouts and can better support your total body health. Plus, sometimes paying for something is better than the free version. It holds you accountable!

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