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6 Best Workout Apps for Women Over 40

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By Christina Lyon

It’s easier than ever to find a workout routine. 

Covid aside, home workout apps are the best way to squeeze in workout programs without leaving your home. As much as we know daily workouts are good for our mental, emotional, and physical health, it’s hard to find the time. 

We’ve got you covered! These six of the best workout apps for women over 40 have us questioning whether we’ll hit the gym post-covid; they’re that convenient! 

For women over 40, finding time for cardio, pilates, or yoga often seems unattainable. It’s time to bring the personal trainer indoors for a sweat-sesh that matches your fitness goals.

We’ve rounded up our tried and trusted top six fitness apps for women over 40 — for every fitness level. Let’s move!

Best Workout Apps For Women Over 40

1. Best Fitness App For Stretching 

Stretching is the often overlooked but ultimately necessary exercise to keep a body healthy. If you’re struggling to squeeze in a wellness hour, try Stretch & Flexibility at Home. Choose from programs designed for pain relief, exercise, back strength, morning warm-ups, and more! 

2. Our Favorite Cardio App

Ready to get your heart rate pumping (after your warm-up, of course)? We love the Gixo fitness app because there are workouts for every fitness level. 

Whether you’re looking for a cardio boost, strength training, or a full-body toning session, Gixo works with you and your schedule. Classes run from 15 to 40 minutes, making it a quick solution for a high-intensity home workout that works with your busy schedule. Gixo is compatible with iOS and Android and offers a free 7-day trial.

The best workout apps for women over 40 make it easy to sneak in a stretch or sweat.

3. Best Yoga Fitness App 

There are many yoga apps available, but Yoga Poses is our favorite for free workouts. You’ll find all the yoga poses here with tutorial videos. If you’re at a beginner fitness level, no problem! Yoga Poses offers modifications and teaches you how to optimize each pose for specific body parts. And did we mention this app is free and compatible with iOS devices? Are you downloading now? We thought so!

4. Best Workout App For The Busiest Schedule

The best workout plans are ones you’ll actually stick to because let’s face it; life gets in the way. That’s why we love this top-rated 7 min workout app that’s designed to make fitness convenient. 

Even the busiest gals can carve time for new workouts from this fitness app offering cardio, strength training, HIIT, and bodyweight exercises.

If your training plan focuses on targeting specific body parts or you have a weight loss goal, a daily 7-minute workout is all you need!

5. Best App For Reaching Fitness Goals

If you’re focusing on weight loss, your new best friend is My Fitness Pal. Meal plans are vital to sustainable weight loss. Easily track your caloric intake, meals, snacks, water, and even daily workouts within the app. 

Because we did not think that raspberry vinaigrette had that many calories in it, and now that we know, we can fine-tune our fitness plan! Use My Fitness Pal daily to get the most from your dietary and fitness goals.

6. Best Unconventional (& Fun!) Fitness App 

Maybe conventional fitness isn’t your thing? No sweat! If you’d prefer burning calories dancing or in a barre session, then we’ve got the perfect workout app for you! 

Endorsed by Women’s Health and Oprah, Obé is a home workout app offering upbeat fitness classes like Dance Cardio, HIIT, Cardio Boxing, and even mindfulness sessions like meditation. And don’t get us started on their incredible playlists. 

Jump in on one of the real-time live classes or choose from hundreds of on-demand sessions.

These workout videos are high-intensity to get the heart rate pumping. However, there are workout plans for everyone, from children to seniors. We love this app because there are home workout routines for any mood — so crank up the volume and let your body take the lead!

Honorable Mentions

There are thousands of workout apps available, which means not every great one made the list. We recommend wearing a FitBit or Apple Watch, and downloading the accompanying step-tracking apps, and downloading Strava for tracking outdoor workouts like cycling, walking, and running.

If you want to switch it up without another download, check out our favorite Youtube channels for free workouts too.

Time To Get Your Body Moving!

With these top workout apps for women over 40, it might be time to ditch your gym membership. That’s the beauty of home workouts: you can squeeze in a session on your time and terms. 

Have fun experimenting with different fitness apps to find a workout plan that works with your life and fitness level. Whether you need a sweaty cardio sesh, to sculpt your body in pilates, or ease into your day with morning yoga classes, exercise does a body good — and now you can do it from the comfort of home. 

Class starts in 3…2… oh wait, you choose when class begins! Happy sweating!

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