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8 Nightstand Organizers for a Relaxing Bedroom (in any Style)

Bedside Table with Tray

By Franki Hanke

Keep clutter at bay without hiding away your favorite things.

Our bedroom is meant to be a sanctuary away from the world. Our best sleep depends on a stress-free bedtime routine, but a sloppy nightstand is a constant barrier. With the right bedside organizer for your space, you can keep what you need close at hand without leaving everything free across your end table. 

If you’re gift shopping for the best nightstand organizer for her, use the existing decor to judge which of our picks will fit best. Many of the best nightstand organizers picks would work as countertop key holders or desktop organizers too! 

The Best Nightstand Organizers for Every Style

A leather-style tray may be the perfect nightstand organizer for her.

Transitional & Traditional

Leather Valet Tray

If your style exists somewhere between others, opt for something classic like this leather valet tray. If you’re shopping for the other side of the bed, this looks like your classic valet tray for men, but it’s actually fashionable! The high-quality faux leather is sleek and classic perfect for several different bedroom styles. Coincidentally, it’s the perfect gift if the mess in the bedroom isn’t on your side of the bed. It’s never too early for a birthday gift, right? 

There isn’t a slot for your mobile phone cord, so this works best paired with another charging solution. 


Minimalist & Modern

Minimalist Catch-All Tray

For a simple, clean shape, this rectangular catch-all tray is ideal for giving a few items a place to sit on your bedside table. There are nine different colors options to match your interior palette from satin-finished silver to crisp, matte vanilla. 

If you often switch up your interior design, this tray would easily adjust to the living room or bathroom. At 9” in length, it’s a smaller valet tray fit for holding your phone, watch, chapstick, and any free-floating jewelry at the end of the day. 


Nightstand Drawer Organizer

If you’re truly being minimalist, you might not want anything out on top of your nightstand. Instead, grab these dresser organizers to clean up the inside of your top drawer so it’s easy to interact with night after night (and stays organized over time). 

We love these simple, gray containers that have several variations to customize to what you need in a bedside organizer. These work great as desk organizers too, so don’t be scared to stock up on a few sizes and then find where they each fit best once they arrive. 


Boho & Organic

Macrame Basket Set

With intricate macrame ropes in soft, neutral white, this basket set is in perfect balance. With three sizes grouped together, there’s a caddy for each of your needs. Since this set has solid wood frames, it’s strong enough to stack several books together if you’re reading multiple books at once or want to store books and journals together beside your bed. 

Hide your iPhone inside by pulling the charging cord through the macrame. You don’t need a dedicated phone holder to keep your phone safely charging on your bedside table! While a phone stand is great for the desk (so you can easily grab it), in the bedroom your cell phone should be away for the night so it doesn’t need to be so accessible. 


For a Boho nightstand organizer, use rope baskets.
Rope Basket Set

For a cleaner look that’s still Boho, opt for these cotton rope baskets instead. Without the decorative details of macrame, these are more subtle. The largest size is smaller at 8 inches, so it may not fit your book, but it will hold all your gadgets overnight. 


Modern Farmhouse

Wood & Leather Nightstand Organizer

Rather than a bulky wood phone docking station, this organizer features a subtle hole to feed charging cords through for a landing place for your phone (without putting your phone itself on display). It’s a subtle take on the standard wooden docking station that appears on every “Best Nightstand Organizer for Men” list ever. Our pick, instead, has the warmth of natural wood without showcasing all your devices all night long. The opening is large enough to have a cord for your smartwatch, so it’s a watch holder too. 

The tray itself has a varnished wood style with a soft leather interior to provide a muted landing place for items inside. 


Glam & Eclectic 

Gold Mirrored Tray Set

Bring some sparkle to your tabletop with this pair of decorative trays. The larger tray is 14 by 14 inches while the smaller is 11 by 11 inches. The larger size has space to house your current book (or your nightly journal) while the open sizes make it easy to bring your phone charger up through the open side. 

There are four colorways if gold isn’t your color. The black option gives this option a subtle industrial twist. 


Industrial & Modern

Black Wire Nesting Trays

For an industrial bedroom, grab these wire nesting trays. These trays are both on the larger size at 16.5 by 9.5 and 14 by 8 inches respectively. If your nightstand is smaller, just use one as a landing place for your journal, headphones, and phone. The open sides will allow you to bring your charging cable up through the tray to house your phone without seeing the cord. 

By incorporating the other tray somewhere else in the room as a table organizer, you can create some cohesion through the space. 


Create a Phone Charging Station (That Isn’t Ugly)

If you’re charging a bunch of gadgets by your bedside (because we all are by now) then you might be wondering how to figure out your charging situation with trays and baskets that aren’t specifically made for holding all your devices.

Instead of giving up and grabbing one of those less-than-cute EDC tray organizers, pair your favorite tray from this list with a charging solution. 

To make sure your charging solutions will fit inside you’ll need a flat design style without standing up too high and peeking out. 

We like the Tessan charging station and power strip combination. With a wireless charger on one side and then a four-plug power strip on the other side, this charging solution will charge everything! Put your Apple Watch in one of two USBs, headphones in the other USB, and there are still two standard sockets free. 


Once you’ve picked your favorite organizer (and found how to charge your devices), use it to keep your bedroom the sanctuary of relaxation it should be. If you need a sanctuary because you’re not sleeping well, an organized nightstand is one of the many tips in our sleep guide. Read the rest of our tips for a better night sleep.

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