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How To Style Short Hair – Styling Inspo From 20 Chic Celebs

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By Christina Lyon

Thinking of trying a short hairstyle? Coco Chanel said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”  We’d expect nothing less from the icon whose blunt fringe became the coveted “Chanel haircut”.

In light of the state of the world right now, we could all use a fresh change. Plus, a short hairstyle can minimize hair loss. If you thought short hairstyles were frumpy, think again. From the classic pixie cut to the refined lob to the airy shag — we’re looking at 20 head-turning styles for how to style short hair that have us running to our hairstylists.

20 Short Hairstyles For Chic, Low-Maintenance Hairstyling

1. Textured Pixie Like Charlize Theron

We all know that pixie cuts are chic and refined. But what if you have curly or wavy hair? Try a choppy, textured pixie, like Charlize Theron for a fresh, low-maintenance vibe that compliments your face shape. The short length means less fuss, more fab!

2. Curly Bangs Like Sandra Oh

When we think of flawless curly hair, we envision Sandra Oh. Those iconic curly bangs frame her face along with tousled shoulder-length curls. If you crave easy styling and statement hair, follow Sandra’s lead and work those curls! How to style short hair like this? Be sure to use a hydrating conditioner for frizz-free, silky smooth curls all day long!

3. Blunt Bob Like Jennifer Hudson

Nothing combines sophistication and grace like a blunt bob, and Jennifer Hudson nails it. Craving a fierce short hairstyle that works with curly or straight hair? Opt for a sleek, blunt bob. When styling, use a flat iron or straightener to keep those lovely locks straight or add dimension with a curling wand.

4. Spiked Pixie Like Angela Bassett

A spiked pixie is full of flair and personality. Use pomade before blow-drying to tease those spikes sky-high like Angela Basset, or let them fall softly for a romantic contrast. While the length is short, there’s enough hair to mix up your hairstyling routine on the regular (and keep your family guessing which style they’ll see today!).

5. Tousled Bob Like Cameron Diaz

Do you have thin hair or fine hair? A tousled bob adds texture and volume if you’re struggling to get some oomph. The chic length offers styling variation for beachy waves, loose curls, or the straight French classic. Feel like changing up your look? You’ll have just enough length to use bobby pins to style a half updo!

Wondering how to style short hair in a tousled bob? Use a blow dryer to blowout volume or rock that bedhead because this short haircut is ready to go!

6. Short Shag Like Lisa Rinna

The shag proves that short hairstyles know how to have fun. Plus, a short shag looks great at shoulder length, like Lisa’s, or short on the sides like Jane Fonda’s. If you have thick hair, the varying layers add dimension. 

The BaBylissPro Curl Machine is a must-have styling product for salon-status curls that last all day. Fair warning: get ready for nonstop inquiries as to how you got that gorgeous hair!

7. Loose Curls Like Viola Davis

Who says curly girls can’t go short? Loose curls are elegant without being too structured. Choose a bob or shoulder-length cut to give room for red carpet curls, like Viola’s! For more hair texture, try a deep side part to frame the face and add a touch of drama. Ditch the frizz and hold those curls in place all day with a spritz of loose-hold hairspray.

8. Lob with Chunky Bangs Like Anna Wintour

Nothing says sophistication like this bold hairdo. A lob with chunky bangs works with all hair types. Instantly make a statement when you walk into any room because this short hairstyle is the perfect balance of elegance and effortless style.

How to style short hair like Anna Wintour’s? Blow-dry your hair and use a detangling round brush to keep this short haircut ultra-refined. For seamless styling, use a flat iron for that slick straight look Anna’s iconized.

9. Tapered Bob Like Helen Mirren 

Is Helen Mirren the poster child for flawless short hair? We say yes! The tapered style cascades from the top to the nape of the neck, elongating the short length. Sweeping layers add dimension, and side-swept bangs elegantly frame the face, accentuating the cheekbones. Whether you’re 17 or 70, a tapered bob is a regal style that knows how to have fun.

10. Classic Pixie Cut Like Michelle Williams 

The lowest maintenance short hairstyle around is the ultra-sleek pixie cut. It’s a classic look that Michelle Williams has perfected. If you’re looking for a modern spin on this timeless style, try a deep side part pixie. 

A dash of hydrating hairspray or light pomade will keep your hair intact all day long. leave some length on the top for styling diversity. To get that polished side-swept look, use a flat iron or curling iron.

11. Sleek Bob Like Cicely Tyson

A straight, sleek bob is a universal hairstyle that works at any age. We’ll leave it to Cicely Tyson to prove just how fab this short haircut is! The length is easy to blow dry, curl, or straighten, giving you ease and versatility to switch up your look. 

12. Wispy Shag Like Luann de Lesseps

Luann de Lesseps wrote the book on staying classy… literally! Her style staple? A chin-length wispy shag with all the layers in all the right places. Proving shags don’t have to be choppy, Luann’s wisped layers are placed to perfectly flatter cheekbones and draw attention to the eyes. Choose a side part to bring home the look and add a voluminous boost.

13. Pixie With Slicked Back Bangs Like Robin Roberts

When a hairstyle takes on a life of its own, you know it’s a good one. Prime example? Robin Roberts’ short haircut is a modern take on the classic pixie cut. Flipping the bangs backward evokes sophistication and puts the spotlight on the face, exuding class and confidence, aka, Robin Roberts!

14. Shoulder Length Shag like Jennifer Lopez

We’ll keep this one brief: if J.Lo’s rocking it, you know it’s good, real good. Jennifer Lopez isn’t afraid to experiment with styling. One of our favorites is the shoulder-length shag, which strikes the perfect balance of Hollywood glam and casual cool. 

15. Curly Razor Cut Like Anette Benning

Leave it to Anette Benning to serve up the sharp, modern, textured natural curls that leave us swooning. Anette’s razor-textured short haircut is a creative style that personifies the bedhead adage, “I woke up like this.”

Layers offer contrast, tousled curls soften the sharp edges, and we’re over here mirror-checking ourselves to see if we can pull off this casual, contemporary look. Newsflash: you absolutely can, especially if your hair type is naturally curly or wavy. 

16. Beachy Waves Like Joan Chen

What’s the best part of a killer short haircut? You won’t need to spend your valuable time styling it! I know you’re asking how to style short hair, but the best short cut doesn’t need much styling! For instance, Joan Chen’s breezy, beachy waves are ready to wear without much fuss. 

But to pull this off, you’ll need a flawless cut. Choose a length two inches from your ears with a side part, a few subtle layers, and you’re ready to go. No hairspray or hot tools needed; just air dry and head out for beachy waves like Joan’s!

17. Undercut like Tilda Swinton

There’s bold, and then there’s Tilda Swinton bold. The undercut is the pinnacle of cool, and yes, you can pull it off! Rather than shy away from bold trends, own them like Tilda. 

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, choose this razored undercut with a pompadour or textured top for low-maintenance versatility and a trendsetting aesthetic! Pomade will become your best friend, so keep it handy!

18. Edgy Pixie Like Halle Berry

Halle Berry deserves a permanent spot in the short haircut hall of fame. The actress has rocked several short hairstyles, and our favorite is the edgy pixie: cropped on the sides and back but long on the top. Choose choppy, side-swept bangs to soften the edge, and use a styling mousse or pomade to separate the strands and get that structured yet breezy pixie we love to love.

Nia Long shows us how to style short hair in a long pixie cut.

19. Long Pixie Like Nia Long

Who says a pixie has to be short? Combining long hair with a short style is Nia Long’s layered pixie. If your hair type is thin or fine, a longer pixie is a perfect way to style short hair to boost volume and retain length without your hair falling flat. Add some highlights or balayage to heighten the dimension and give the illusion of body and volume. Add a little dry shampoo to keep your hair light, dry, and fabulous!

We're looking to Susan Sarandon for how to style short hair with wild, low-maintenance curls.

20. Wild Curls Like Susan Sarandon

We have an ongoing love affair with Susan Sarandon’s messy natural curls. When nature gives you curls and bold hair color, work it, girl! With the right products and styling cream, a choppy cut, and a dash of hairspray, you’ll rock the wild side and embrace your natural beauty. Let your hair do the work so you can have all the fun!

Know how to style short hair now?

No matter your hair type, short hairstyles combine the best of both worlds: they’re low-maintenance and stylish, even with minimal hair accessories. Print these photos for your hairstylist and experiment with different styles until you find the one. Whether you crave beachy waves, a curly shag, or a close-cropped pixie, don’t be afraid to make a bold move with a short hairstyle. Take inspo from Princess Ann in Roman Holiday and chop those locks. Above all, have fun and embrace your new look!

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