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The 10 Best Gadgets to Make Your Life Simpler in 2021

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By Franki Hanke

We all own a lot of cool stuff that we never use

It happens. We see an article on Facebook. It’s a new gadget that promises your easiest time vacuuming your car ever! Sold! That sounds great! But, no matter how great it was, it still ends up sitting in a closet for weeks, even months between uses. It makes you wonder where are the gadgets that make your life easier every day?

Well, we’re rounding up ten gadgets that you’ll use every single day!

Gadgets for the Bathroom

1. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer + Volumizer Brush – $42 

The feeling of a fresh blow-out is unparalleled. The shine, the power from having coiffed hair might not make life easier, but it does make it better. For faster, easier styling, use Revlon’s One-Step Hot Air Brush. Rather than blowdrying (and using a barrel brush) and then curling for style, this gadget combines them into one step. Dry and style hair at the same time for under fifty dollars! 

This hot airbrush is an oval brush shape with three heat/speed settings to dry and lock style in. The combination bristles detangle and shine with each swipe. It easy to pick up and use without trying to master any technique thanks to the swivel cord and intuitive design. 

Shop on Amazon for $42. 

Gadgets for the Bedroom 

2. Acoustic Sheep Sleep Phones – $96

Falling asleep to podcasts or guided meditation is the best way to lock out the world, but falling asleep earbuds in can lead to neck or ear discomfort. Instead, the Acoustic Sheep Sleep Phones combine a wearable headband with tiny Bluetooth speakers inside against your ears. 

The sound quality is a selling point for reviewers who use them both to block snoring or pets at night or loud family members and neighbors come morning. Connect them via Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android device to create your ideal soundscape. 

Shop on Amazon for $96. 

3. Oura Ring – $299

If you want to know more about how you’re sleeping, meet Oura. Like popular smartwatches, the Oura ring uses small sensors to track your activity, sleep, and readiness. Throughout the day, the ring measures your activity, calories, steps, and any rest or naps. At night, it tracks your heart rate, breathing, temperature, sleep cycles, and the overall quality of your sleep. 

The ring does all this in a sleek, stylish ring that no one would track as a smart gadget! Plus, it syncs with iOS and Android favorites Apple Health and Google Fit for informed tracking on your Apple or Samsung phones. 

Shop on Oura for $299. 

You might overlook sex toys from the gadgets that make your life easier, but they fit the bill perfectly.

4. Womanizer Classic – $129

After a long day, few things unwind us as well as an orgasm. Maybe sex isn’t a place you’ve thought about making your life easier, but when thousands of women report their fastest orgasms yet, the Womanizer Classic air-suction toy truly makes everyday life better. 

This is a suction toy which despite having a bleh name is a wonder product. Rather than vibrations (like traditional vibrators) the toy uses air currents to create stimulation. It’s gentle, yet intense. 

Plus, it’s totally waterproof thanks to a magnetic charger. Noise-wise, it’s very quiet, so enjoy it in the tub and no one will be the wiser. 

If you’re unsure if you’ll like it, try the Womanizer Starlet. It’s a smaller, scaled-down version with the same sensation. It’s not as powerful, but it’s plenty

Shop on Early to Bed for $129. 

Gadgets for the Kitchen 

5. Instant Pot – $150

I’m convinced that the Instant Pot is a cult, but it’s one I’m glad I joined. The Instant Pot Smart Wifi combines a slow cooker, air fryer, pressure cooker, and warming station into one. This model links with Amazon Alexa and WiFi to easily control or check-in on what you’re cooking. 

Plus, Instant Pot offers an app for 1,000 pre-programmed, high-quality recipes, so you’re not guessing how long something goes in. Once the cooking time ends, it will auto shut-off and switch to warming so food is ready when you’re ready. Of all the gadgets that make your life easier, having dinner ready right away is a huge win at the end of a busy day.

Extra tip, buy one of the matching silicone lids so you can seamlessly store leftovers in the fridge in the stainless steel inner pot. 

Shop on Amazon for $150. 

6. Google Nest Smoke Alarm – $120 

Ultimately, a smoke alarm exists for an emergency, but most of us interact with our fire detectors more often to tell it there’s not a fire. You’re cooking, you open the oven, the alarm goes off, and then it’s time to climb on a chair. Familiar? 

With the Google Nest Smoke Alarm, you can silence a smoke alarm from your phone when you’re just cooking! Better yet, that alarm starts as a friendly, human voice not a blaring alarm. Plus, the device detects Carbon Monoxide and updates your phone directly during any emergencies at home. 

When the batteries are low, the Nest alerts you through your phone, not through annoying chirps in the middle of the night. 

The Google Nest home is a great part of a whole smart home set-up. Check out our whole recommended beginners’ smart-home set-up (including a robot vacuum, because that will make life easier). 

Shop on Amazon for $120. 

7. EZ Off Jar Opener – $14

Sometimes, you just want to steal a pickle from the jar, but the lid won’t come off! No more! While this handy gadget won’t stack up to your smart home gadgets, it will make life easier. 

Just install this lid-grabbing device to the underside of your cabinets and easily free your guilty-pleasure pickled veggies just like that. 

Shop on Amazon for $14. 

One of our favorite gadgets that make your life easier is the Kindle Paperwhite for easy, anywhere reading.

Gadgets for Anywhere

8. Kindle Paperwhite – $140

By now, most of us have used or seen a Kindle device. Rather than overfilling your bookcases with every book on your TBR, the Kindle is a digital reader to store thousands of books at your fingertips. However, the newest Paperwhite is better than ever. 

Like the original, the Kindle will keep track of your progress through your book for effortless reading. The screen is flush and glare-free even in the sunshine. It’s specifically designed to look like paper, but you can adjust the light to read indoors or outdoors, during the day or at night. The newest model can even play Audible books over Bluetooth speakers or headphones. But the best part? The Paperwhite is waterproof for risk-free bathtub reading. 

Want to know what to put on that Kindle? Catch up on our reading recommendations. 

Shop on Amazon for $140. 

9. Tile Bluetooth Trackers – $25

If you’re often misplacing your credit cards, keys, or anything else you need a Tile tracker. These small, Bluetooth trackers have a range of variations for any often-lost item. Just attached the Tile tracker and link with the app to be able to locate through sound or mapping anything you lose. 

For traditional keyrings, the Tile Mate has a replaceable battery so you can reuse it. However, for your wallet, purse, or bag, use Tile Slim. The credit card shape slides into any traditional wallet space. Anything else, use the Tile Sticker, a tiny adhesive tracker for headphones, laptops, phones, tv remotes, planners… basically anything! 

Shop on Amazon for $25. 

10. Ember Temperature Control Mug – $100

There’s nothing better than a sip of hot coffee. Conversely, there’s nothing worse than a sip of properly lukewarm coffee! The Ember Temperature Control Mug solves this problem. After a charge on its coaster/charger, the Ember mug heats your chosen drink to your perfect temperature and keeps it there for one and a half hours. Control the temperature selection from your Apple or Android phone with their matching app. 

Keep the cup charger with the USB Port charger for the coaster-base. 

Shop on Amazon for $100. 

Now, if you use and love any of our favorites, be sure to share. Social media was made for us to spread Instant Pot propaganda and snapshots of our shiny, new Ember mug, right? I think so, too. 

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