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Buy this Cult-Fave Advent Calendar Before It Sells Out

Bonne Maman Advent Calendar 2023: It Will Sell Out

By Franki Hanke

After selling out the last first years, I expect this year’s version of Bonne Maman’s limited-edition advent calendar to sell out again. Last year, I saw rapid fans of teensy-tiny jars of French jam celebrating across social media when they successfully snagged one of these countdowns before they sold out. I anticipate this year will be much the same. 

The brand actually limits sales on this item to two per person on their own website due to the trending demand! Luckily, it’s currently available on Amazon so you can secure yours. At $45, it’s not one of the priciest advent calendars available this pre-Christmas season. 

The Bonne Maman 2023 Advent Calendar features cute illustrations of Santa's Workshop.

What’s inside the Bonne Maman Advent Calendar this Year? 

Like past years, the advent calendar includes 23 fruit spreads and one honey inside including unique, new flavors. Each portion is a one-ounce mini jar. The 24-day countdown features one of the cutest Santa’s Workshop-themed gift boxes with individual doors for each day. It’s a perfect gift for any foodies on your list. 

This year’s advent calendar features eight new flavors including

  • Caramel with Cinnamon
  • Raspberry Chocolate
  • Pineapple with Ginger
  • Cherry & Pink Peppercorns
  • Lemon Yuzu
  • Apricot & Banana
  • Peach with Jasmine Flower
  • Sweet Orange, Mandarin, and Passion Fruit

Bonne Maman Advent Calendar 2023 Flavor List

Included in this gift set advent calendar are the following flavors, including eight newly added, unique limited-edition spreads. 

  • Apricot and Banana Spread NEW
  • Apricot with Lavender Spread
  • Caramel with Cinnamon Spread NEW
  • Cherry with Hibiscus Flower Spread
  • Cherry with Pink Peppercorn Spread NEW
  • Cherry with Spices Spread
  • Fig with Cardamom Spread
  • Grapefruit and Dragon Fruit Spread
  • Honey
  • Lemon and Yuzu Spread NEW
  • Mango, Raspberry, and Lime Spread
  • Mirabelle Plum with Spices Spread
  • Peach with Jasmine Flower Spread NEW
  • Peach with Mint Spread
  • Pineapple and Ginger Spread NEW
  • Quince with Chunks Spread
  • Raspberry with Dark Chocolate Spread NEW
  • Rhubarb and Strawberry Spread
  • Strawberry and Guava Spread
  • Strawberry with Linden Blossom Spread
  • Sweet Orange, Guava and Lime Spread
  • Sweet Orange, Mandarin and Passion Fruit Spread NEW
  • White Nectarine and Peach with Lemon Verbena Spread
  • Wild Blueberry with Balm Leaves Spread

Is the Bonne Maman Advent Calendar 2023 Worth It? 

Advent calendars always feature some price markup compared to full-size products, but their appeal is in attractive, festive packaging and a unique experience each day. The Bonne Maman jams have had such success year after year because they offer limited edition flavors, adorable packaging, and a fun experience each day upon opening. 

Even if you don’t have a piece of toast each day, the jams can be used to create jam-topped cookies, unique cheese pairings, or jam cocktails throughout the month. Comments from last year’s customers are overwhelmingly positive, including many people shopping for their loved ones.

“I have had this advent calendar a few years in a row and it is always fantastic. So many new flavors and each one so carefully balanced for a good amount of sweetness.”

“My mother loved it! The interesting flavours. She made a little ritual of opening it every day for her morning toast. The vintage look of the drawing on the box. Everything was delightful.”

More Bonne Maman Gifts

Whether you snag this year’s calendar or not, Bonne Maman’s products make wonderful gifts (for yourself or others). 

Autumnal Treat: Pumpkin Spice Fruit Spread

For a fitting fall treat, try their Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Fruit Spread for the autumn season. It’s spiced with cinnamon, clove, ginger, and nutmeg for a warm, sweet topping. 

Stocking Stuffer: Individual Minis

If you’re intimidated by 24 miniature jars of jam, fret not. You can snag some flavors in single miniatures perfect for stuffing a stocking. Individual jars are priced around $5 but are adorably small or you can grab a miniature selection for $12. 

If you’re interested in the Bonne Maman Advent Calendar 2023 edition, don’t wait to pick it up. It’s one of the best gifts this holiday season, and massively popular. To see more of the season’s best advent calendars, read our Ultimate Guide to Advent Calendars.

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