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Top Lucrative Jobs for Women Over 50


By Paula Bennett

Remember when our mother told you the world is your oyster?

No,  it’s not too late. Yes, you can do it. Haven’t you heard that 50 is the new 30? 

Are you thinking about starting a new career, launching a job search, becoming self-employed, or starting your own small business?  

If you aren’t, why not? 

There are several reasons to consider a career now whether it’s a career change or a re-entry. There are many options considered the best careers for women over 50.

Opportunities are plentiful right now. 

The job market is ripe with many job opportunities for different job seekers. Labor shortages have increased demands across roles, so there are more places hiring than we’ve seen in years. 

Plus, triggered by COVID-19 lockdowns, you can work from home in more roles than ever, even in a part-time, low-stress job. 

Your dream job might be around the corner.

You don’t need to retire yet. 

You probably see your relatives living full vibrant lives into their 90s. If you’re a Baby Boomer, you’re going to live another 30 to 40 years. If you’re like me, “retiree” is not a word anyone would use to describe you.

You’re ready for a change. 

After the age of 50, many women find themselves in different circumstances. 

Many with Bachelor’s degrees and previous well-paying careers have spent the last 20 years taking care of a family and raising children. Others might have gotten divorced, lost a job, or faced adverse financial circumstances. You may just want to change careers. Maybe you’ve spent a lot of time in the corporate world, but now want to try nonprofit work. 

Whatever the shift in circumstance looks like. You are not alone looking for work. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 40% of people aged 55 or older are actively looking for work.  The concept of the “older worker” is not really relevant anymore. Age discrimination is (almost) a thing of the past. Companies are actively seeking employees with significant work experience and life experience. 

Forbes Magazine is recognizing the power of older women and for the first time just published their first-ever list of 50 over 50 featuring women over 50 leaving a lasting impact on the world. 

If you found this article, you were probably asking yourself “What is my next chapter?” Maybe it’s time to start a new or second career, a new job, and work either full-time or part-time. Flexible hours, flexible schedules, working from home, and telecommuting is common in the modern workplace. It’s easier than ever to work on your own terms. 

Ready to reboot, relaunch or reinvent? For advice and an interesting perspective read Mika Brzezinski’s, the co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, new book Comeback Careers about how her sister, a stay-at-home mom, might get back into the workforce. 

Best Careers for Women Over 50

Some of these jobs require a college degree while others only a high school diploma. Don’t forget to leverage any significant life experience into a job opportunity. 

Ultimately, you can pursue any field you’re interested in but we’re aiming to provide examples of what roles women our age are in now or roles that have an easier path to entry for a shorter transition into a new career. 

One of the best careers for women over 50 is real estate agent!

Real Estate Agent

The average age of a real estate agent is 54! More than half of those seeking real estate licensing are women.  You might need to brush up on your math skills but other than that you’re set! Real estate courses can be completed online.  There are many brokerage firms that are hiring!


Do you have any special expertise or job experience?  Consider leveraging your experience as a consultant. Consultants exist in every sector when projects need insight into a specific niche. Ask yourself what skills you honed most in the past either based on your work role or your personal identity and utilize your specific position to consult. 

Career Counselor or Life Coach 

Do you have a degree or experience in psychology? Do you enjoy talking with people and helping them solve their problems? Certifications for a career as a life coach or career counselor can be obtained online in a short period of time. 

Freelance Writer

Do you have a degree in English or previous professional writing experience? Rather than find another company role, consider going freelance. You’ll define your own flexible hours at the cost of managing and finding all your clients yourself. Previous experience within a specific niche can help with finding projects that fully engage your skills. 

If you’d like to get started, look into pitching content assignments with individual publishers, connect with your own network, or find a job search platform like Upwork for a pool of potential clients. 

Financial Advisor

Do you have a degree in finance or accounting?  Are you just good with numbers?   Maybe you have good networking skills from your work in the nonprofit world?  Financial advisers have become “lifestyle advisors” frequently assist their clients with far more than just taxes, investment, and insurance.  

Personal Trainer

What a way to get in shape?  Do you have a background in sports and fitness? Many people become personal trainers with limited certifications. There are several large certification companies: ISSA, NASM, or ACE. There are roles available in corporations, fitness centers, and local gyms. 

Virtual Assistant

You don’t have to be there in person to be an assistant. Are you super organized? Do you enjoy booking travel, making reservations, buying gifts, reading emails, organizing a calendar, interacting on Facebook? You might be fit as a virtual assistant. 

Salaries vary widely dependant on your client, but the online aspect makes for a flexible location. 

Occupational Therapist

This is one of the fastest-growing fields for women. Contact your local community college to see how many hours you need to get a degree in this field.  If you enjoy working directly with people, need a flexible schedule, and are willing to go back to school this could be a good option for you.


Like a consultant, do you have specialized or extensive knowledge in the languages, sciences, math, music, test-taking? The possibilities are endless. Enjoy working with young students and adults?  Are you an entrepreneur? Setting up your own tutoring business allows you to have a very flexible schedule. 

Depending on your previous experiences, you can likely utilize a skill set you already have. Language tutoring, in particular, is great when you speak two languages already. 

Nurse or Medical Professional 

Nursing is a female-dominated career and potentially very lucrative based on the growth of healthcare in the next 10 years. You may be required to get certifications and degrees but another option is to become a nurse practitioner. 

There are many options in the medical world: dietitian, dental hygienist, medical assistant, nutritionist, patient advocate, physician’s assistant. You might have to go to school for two years part-time but this is a growing field with lots of potentials.

Administrative Manager

Do you have management experience? Good organization and communication skills?  In this job, you would be overseeing a company’s supportive services. Potential job titles could include human resources manager, travel agent, program coordinator, paralegal.

High School Teacher or Administrator

Chances are if you’ve had children this is right up your alley. Positive aspects of this profession are that the day ends earlier than most jobs, you have your weekends off and summer vacation. Potential jobs include tutor, teacher’s assistant, instructional coordinator, librarian, school counselor.  

Depending on your prior educational background, teaching roles often require specific certifications. Support roles may have lessened requirements. 

Resources to Help 

Looking for career advice, career options, or trying to decide what career path to take? We have the resources for you. 

Reboot Accel – for Professional Skills 

Based in Silicon Valley, go here for workshops on a range of topics (even how to update your LinkedIn profile), coaching, and job boards. 

Dottotech – for Entrepreneurship 

Tech made easy for Baby Boomers from Steve Dotto, a fellow baby boomer.  He got fired from his media job in his early 50s and had to figure it out from there. He teaches how to join the Grey Wave and start your own business. 

Liz Tech by Liz Babb – for Learning Technology

Her motto? Stop the family eye rolls! Liz Babb offers help learning how to use all the tech in your life. From your own iPhone to everything else. She has bite-sized bite and tricks, classes, and one-on-one teaching depending on what you’re looking to do. 

For more technology tips, consider catching up on our own tips!

Coursera – for Filling Skill Gaps

Here is how to get up to speed on almost any topic: math, science, art, history, and even social media. World-class training and development programs with over 300+ courses online learning. Build your skills with courses, certificates, and degrees.

Stanford Online Learning – for Additional Degrees 

Stanford has a great online program covering dozens of subjects and programs.  You don’t have to go to Stanford specifically! 

Most colleges now have online learning. If you didn’t get into your dream school at Princeton, Harvard, Yale, or Stanford as a young adult, no problem.  It is not too late. You can go now online. 

Good luck! Remember, there are now resources to refresh your skills or self-teach new technology available everywhere. Don’t hesitate to empower yourself to tackle something new. 

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